Liberal Rag HuffPost Eulogizes Theiving Murdering Marxist Hugo Chavez


Hugo Chavez was a man of many talents: he played ball, sang songs, pulled out pistols, and got down and groovy – and that is precisely how we’ll remember the Venezuelan leader since rising to power nearly two decades ago, Chavez always liked the spotlight. In 2006, he famously called former U.S. President George W. Bush the devil during a speech at the U.N. General Assembly and the last time rumors were spreading about his health, he invited a group of reporters to play baseball. How nice that the Huff Post put up a slideshow of Chávez’s most memorable moments as a criminal dictator. Makes you wonder, if the liberal media is attempting to condition the people for a future dictator like Chavez here in America?

There are so many things the Huffington Post forgot to inform their readers about the Chavez leadership, the one important fact is the relationship between Chavez and the Venezuelan media, Chavez locked up some of the journalists and shut down all the media outlets that did not tow the regimes party line in helping to cover up the facts,that revealed the true condition of Venezuela under the failed Marxist dictators 14 year reign of terror. This article by the Huffington post attempting to humanize Chavez is significant because it resembles all of the liberals’ romantic delusional visions of dictators like Chavez, always hiding the true facts from you the reader about Chavez and his repressive regime.

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