Inside Bloody Chicago


Maggio News was created in 2010 and our original focus was on radical protesters like Occupy Wall Street, Black Bloc Anarchists, Terrorist Organizations and left wing politicians. The focus abruptly changed in 2013 when a very dangerous transformation started to take shape.


In the summer of 2013 I awoke from a sound sleep finding myself venturing down to the Englewood Neighborhood covering the violent shootings. This same event occurred multiple times, it was as though a higher power was guiding me to record these many tragedies playing out on the streets of Chicago.


Maggio News covered the shootings from 2013 to 2014, then in 2014 the Ferguson riots erupted. I took time away from the violence in Chicago to document the beginning of the anti-cop sentiments that would eventually sweep across the nation over the next three years.


Maggio News covered the riots from the rioters’ perspective in FERGUSON MO. This turned out to be a very dangerous undertaking that gave me an in-depth understanding that would be needed to move forward in showing WHAT is responsible for the violence in Chicago.


Returning to the Chicago killing fields in 2015 left many unanswered questions that haunted me. Why is this violence happening? We set out to find out Who and what is responsible for the violent desperate culture that has been created in these inner city communities of Chicago?


Maggio News decided to take on the ultimate challenge and find the answers to these troubling questions. In December of 2015 i decided to do a film called BLOODY CHICAGO, the fall of the welfare state. This film will explain everything that is attributing too the unprecedented violence in the neighborhoods of Chicago


What is most disturbing is the senseless killing of children in Chicago. The children that have been shot and killed have become my key motivation in moving forward with the Bloody Chicago documentary. What people need to understand is everyone is a target here in Chicago. The only way society will understand WHY these tragedies are taking place in Chicago is telling the story from a centrist unbiased perspective. The reason this film must be presented to the public in such a graphic nature is so they can truly understand how desperate the situation is becoming. Only then can we start to fix the massive 40-point problem that has been created through liberal social engineering.


Gang members found lying shot up dead in the streets is just the cost of doing gang business in the streets of Chicago. What is not part of the gang disputes are women, children and the elderly that are being shot and killed by these gang members. These killers have created a scary and confining type of existence for the residents of these communities, mainly due to the random targeting by these cowardly gang members.


Acquiring the extensive amount of equipment needed for this project was no easy task to accumulate. First the cameras and lighting were needed next the computers the drone and the big one is the CAR, the car will become my home for the next two summers patrolling the Bloody Streets of Chicago for footage.


The car is outfitted with many special pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary to complete the mission.


Maggio News will dissect the problem one layer at a time in order to gain a proper prospective. We will start with the shooting victims, community leaders, police, first responders, teachers, gang members and residents of these neighborhoods. They will all be interviewed in order to develop a more accurate picture from inside these communities. What I have witnessed over the past couple of years’ points to a cultural problem that is out of control and is not a policing problem. Without the police these communities would be in real trouble because 80% of all the calls for help to the police are from residents in these high crime areas in Chicago.


Maggio news has covered hundreds of shootings over a three-year period and has also covered stabbings, SWAT interventions, gun arrests, fires and car accidents. This video is the mini Bloody Chicago trailer. Take a ride with Maggio News while he roams the gang infested neighborhoods of Chicago in search of whom or what is responsible for the unprecedented violence taking place on the streets of Chicago.

Tragic: Tyshawn’s coffin is carried to his funeral


Maggio News is committed and destined to complete the monumental task at hand. The 40 issue points that are responsible for this tragedy will be explained in a way that no one else has ever attempted to explain them before. The film will be completed sometime in late 2017 or early 2018. I am willing to risk my life in pursuit of the truth hoping to ultimately expose the social engineers responsible for this Nightmare.