Innocent 18-year-old Woman Gunned Down Getting off Bus in Gresham

(FOX) The search is intensifying for the occupants of a four-door Nissan that recklessly sprayed at least 16 bullets at 79th and Paulina on Tuesday, fatally killing an innocent 18-year-old woman was about to graduate from high school.

Now, community activists are asking the police to give the case a high-priority status.

The woman, Dareyona Smith, would’ve graduated from Ralph Ellison Chicago International Charter School in a few months. Instead of watching her get her diploma, Smith’s family must prepare to say goodbye.

“She was a good kid,” said Georgette Carter, the grandmother of Smith. “I love her and I miss her.”

It’s the family’s loss, but many in the community are also feeling the pain, frustrated by the gun violence and desperate for it to stop.

“They are just killing anybody and it needs to stop right now,” said Antoinette Johnson, a school worker.

Smith had just left softball practice when she stepped off a CTA bus at 79th and Paulina, and walked into a hail of bullets, apparently intended for a group of young men.

Community activists say they believe it may have been part of beef that started on social media.

“Murdered by some punks and some cowards on this corner because of some insane, childish Facebook beef back and forth, and then some turf stuff back and forth across 79th Street,” said Father Michael Pfleger. “Fighting over turf that you do not own.”

Community activists are urging people to speak up and give up any video that might lead police to smith’s killer.

“If you got it in your phone, don’t be scared to give up the footage,” said Andrew Holmes, a community activist. “If you know who the individuals are, what you scared of? Give it up. They were punks anyway, riding past and took her life. So we got to stand up and fight for her.”

In addition, a man was also shot at 79th and Paulina, but he is in stable condition.

Smith’s school sent a letter to parents Wednesday, saying the loss is sure to raise emotions and concerns. Students were able to talk to a grief counselor.

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