Halloween Violence, Politics and Cops in Chicago 2019

BLOODY CHICAGO Video: Maggio News raised enough money to fill 8 duffel bags full of candy for the kids living the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago, we dropped off candy at the 11th, 5th, 1st and the 7th districts on the west and south side of Chicago.

A the 7th district the snow had stopped, and I delivered the largest load of candy to the 7th district.

The game trailer was already filled with kids playing video games and doing crafts and painting nails.

The bad weather did not stop the kids and their parents from coming out and enjoying all the candy and the haunted house.

The event was cut short when a seven-year-old girl in a Mini Mouse costume trick or treating was shot, the shooting took place down the busy business district on 26th and Lawndale in the Little Village neighborhood where at least a couple hundred kids were Trick or Treating.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police …was held at McCormick Convention center in Chicago, Chiefs from all over the country attended and so did International chiefs from around the world, what the IACP really is, is a giant Toys R Us for cops, walking through the convention center looking at all the new technology, weapons, vehicles and many other things made me realize how important technology is to the men and women of law enforcement, Technology is the future and is a leading contributor in fighting crime at every level.

And the conference didn’t go without controversy, Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson, decided to boycott President Trumps speech to the Chiefs, he stated it was about Chicago values, but what it’s really about is the political sanctuary city policy Chicago as adopted.

Talked with a teacher about the Chicago Public School system needing more funding to help the kids suffering from the sure signs of PTSD living in Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods.

I would like to ask for your help once again, please remember little Gisele and here family they have set up a gofund me page to pay for her extensive medical treatment help with Giseles medical bill/recovery @gofundme, im going to donate right now so please if you can help, any little bit would be helpful Giseles medical bill/recovery @gofundme, thanks !

And the kids of Englewood would like to wish everyone that donated to the Candy Drive.

Over the Halloween weekend, 4 people were killed and 20 were wounded in weekend Shootings, and on Halloween day 1 person was killed and 5 were wounded in shootings across the Chicago-land area.

Maggio News Signing Off

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