Halloween in Chicago, The Good the Bad and the Ugly Violence 2018

Maggio News Bloody Chicago VIDEO: Over the Halloween holiday were people were 6 killed and 44 were wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area.

About three months ago on a crime scene in the woodlawn neighborhood, an older lady and I had an in-depth conversation about life and death, and the last she asked me was, if you were dead what would, you miss the most about life, and she said not the usual answers like family sex or food, something unique you have really enjoyed throughout your life, I stood there blank, I had no answer to her question.

And for months her question mincingly stayed with me, on Saturday over the Halloween weekend, my lady took me to a concert at the United center to see Elton John when the show started, it hit me. I now had the answer to her question, its music, if you think about it music marks the chapters of our lives it connects us to good times bad times, places and faces, and truly is a, wonderful human creation, my answer to you mam is, Its music, definitely music, for me, I will miss it so when I’m gone.

In 4 days Maggio News will release separate video in a kids version minus the violence of the 7th District Haunted House in Englewood.

Maggio News Signing off

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