Grants World Part 1 Love at First Sight

Sunday morning November 15th I will be releasing the first Grants World Video Episode 1 Love at First Sight, one will follow every Sunday.

Over the past couple of months I have been working on a video series for kids and adults called Grants World 2020, its about a baby Cocker Spaniel named Grant, I document his life’s successes and failures it is filmed from his perspective, adults and children alike will love Grants World because its real life playing out before your eyes.

Several months ago, I lost my dog Sprite, and he was my balance and the loss of him made for very tough times this past year on the streets. So, I went out and got another Cocker Spaniel he was 8 weeks old when we brought him home and that is when grants world popped in my head and was created. Grant and Grants World are the balance I need to continue doing Bloody Chicago videos, and I will continue.

The reason I created Grants World is because of what took place this summer in Chicago all the deaths of teens and children were very tragic, and because of them I decided to create something good and positive for a change. When you watch these videos they will make you happy and make you laugh and some of them have learning lessons for the kids and I think the kids of Chicago and across this country deserve some happiness,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I hope you enjoy the ongoing and ever evolving series called Grants World 2020.
V Maggio

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