GOP Congressman Exposes Obama’s Sequestration Cuts Aimed at Children’s Vaccines

Congressman Harris Confronts CDC Director on cuts to children’s vaccines, “let me get this straight”, “the president cut $58.Million in his budget and an additional $30.Million in sequester cuts to the 317 program”, which provides vaccines for children. Our cold fish of a President Barack Hussein Obama wants these sequestration cuts to be as painful as possible for all Americans which now includes our children. Obama precisely calculated this move, to anger the parents of these denied children so they will then blame Republicans for the pain the president claims has been brought on by the evil Republicans.

The President himself is specifically targeting these particular programs, the ones that will inflict the most pain on you and yours, that fact is the President himself admitted he created the sequestration law, we now believe to bully Republicans into going along with all this insane legislation being put forth by the president and his evil administration. It is starting to look as though the two biggest enemies of the Obama Administration are the American people and now their children, proofs in the video.

Video Org: YouTube Andy Harris

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