Gettysburg College To Host Domestic Left-Wing Terrorist/Scumbag Bill Ayers For Speech On “Queering Education”


Bill Ayers, a professor known for engaging in terrorist activities in the 1970s, is set to speak at Gettysburg College (GC) next Tuesday, Campus Reform has learned.

According to the event’s poster, Ayers will deliver a speech on “queering education” which will be sponsored by nGender, a program at GC that meets bi-weekly to “dialogue on gender issues,” according to the school’s official website.

Ayers is known for his leadership of the Weather Underground, a group which bombed public buildings in the 1960’s and 1970’s to protest involvement of the United States military in the Vietnam War. Later in life, Ayers became a professor of education at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he wrote on education theory.

Tim Meads, a student at GC, told Campus Reform he supports Ayers’ right to speak but is ashamed the school would invite such a divisive speaker who is unrepentant of his terrorist past. Continue Reading

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