Full Moon Weekend, 3 Killed, 24 Wounded in Chicago Shootings

Bloody Chicago VIDEO: A thirteen-year-old girl was shot in the shoulder at 92nd and Ellis in the Burnside neighborhood. she was in the back bedroom of the home when shots were fired from two shooters outside from the sidewalk. A bullet went through the window and struck the girl in the left shoulder. she was taken to Comers in stable condition. A couple of years ago I was at a Chicago teachers rally, and I listened to this young teacher speaking about needing quite a bit of state and federal funding to higher more professional help to treat the young children she claims are suffering from the sure signs of PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder, she was talking about the children living in some of these very violent neighborhoods.

I personally spoke with her after she left the stage, she basically told me teachers are not counselor’s or physiatrists, were teachers and there is only so much they can do to help these children. People I don’t think the public realizes how many times a day shots are fired in some of these neighborhoods, and the reason you don’t hear about it is because in most cases no one gets hit, but in this case, the bullet found a young girl supposedly safe at home, the cold hard facts are this is what the kids that live in some of these war ravaged neighborhoods are up against daily, and the kids are the reason I am out here.

27 people were shot, 3 of them fatally — across Chicago over the weekend, so far this year 1764 people were shot 293 of them were killed. This has been the least violent weekend in quite some time here in Chicago.

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