Four People Shot in Violent Shootout in West Humboldt Park

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: Update Correction, the man struggling with this woman shot is with fire department not a Chicago cop.
Four people were shot in a violent shootout at Karlov and Augusta Blvd in the West Humboldt Park Neighborhood. This all started when a Black Cadillac with 2 shooters inside rolled down the block and opened fire on a group of people striking 3 people, who then returned fire causing the shooters car to crash and they fled the scene. The 4th victim shot was walking down the street and just happened to be caught in the crossfire.

The shooting scene was very chaotic There were gunshot victims spread out from one end of the block to the other, there was woman shot in a car at the end of the block she told police she wasn’t shot and basically told them to go away and slammed the door shut on the cops.

A short time later cops went back to car and this time got a look at her blood soaked white pants and once again they tried to help the woman and that’s when she became extremely combative towards them, and this was probably due to the shock of being shot, and the cops claimed she reeked of alcohol, after a brief struggle the cop in charge calmed the lady down and once again started working to help her, he cut the pant leg off to see where she was shot, and to also see if the bullet went clean through, after about 2 minutes the Paramedics arrived and took the woman to a waiting ambulance,,,,,,, it was in the ambulance when the harsh reality hit the poor woman that she had been shot, she then screamed out and rolled over on the Gurnee, at the other end of the block a young man was shot in the leg he was taken away by paramedics in good condition, another 29-year-old man sustained a Graze wound to the chest and was taken to Stroger in stable condition. And a 30-year-old man was shot in the right ankle and left calf he was also taken to Stroger in stable condition.

There were over 70 plus shell casings all over the entire block

The shooters are still at large

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