First 2 Weeks of August 20 Killed, 126 Wounded in Chicago Shootings

Bloody Chicago Video: This video covers the history of rappers that are shot and sometimes killed on the Bloody Streets of Chicago.

So far this year there have been 3 People Killed and 6 Wounded in Police Involved Shootings in Chicago. and this is tragic but what’s more tragic are these numbers you are about to see from January till the second week of august 2020, 433 people have been shot and killed and 2042 have been shot and wounded and the total shot is 2475 and the total homicides are 474 have been wounded and ya see this number is the real tragedy taking place in Chicago.

As of August 15th, 159 were shot 159 People have been Shot and 23 human beings were shot and Killed and 136 were wounded in the first half of the month, and we still have two more weeks to go.

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