Female Gangster Disciple, Accomplice Accused in Palos Home Invasion

(Patch) A man and woman were arrested on the scene of a home invasion where they had gone looking for drugs, prosecutors said. Trevon Williams, 23, of Bellwood, and Jasmine Edwards, 25, of Cincinnati, OH, appeared before Judge John Mahoney on class x felony charges of home invasion with a firearm and armed robbery. Williams was also charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

On April 9, the prosecutor said Williams and Edwards visited a home in the 7600 block of West 131st Street in Palos Heights to buy drugs. They told the homeowner that they had purchased drugs there before. The homeowner told Williams and Edward that the person they dealt with no longer lived at the address. The two went on their way.

The next day, around 8:40 p.m. April 10, Edwards and Williams came back, the prosecutor said. The two allegedly pushed their way past the homeowner into the house. The prosecutor said Edwards told the homeowner that he “wasn’t leaving without the stuff.” The homeowner said he had been recently busted and did not have any drugs in the house.

Williams pulled a loaded Ruger .380 gun out of his waistband and demanded to see the homeowner’s safe, the prosecutor said.

The homeowner had a friend visiting and told his friend to call police. The friend did not know whether the homeowner was joking but ran out of the house to call 911. Edwards and Williams marched the homeowner at gunpoint downstairs into the basement, the prosecutor said. While walking down the stairs, the homeowner felt himself being touched from behind by the gun and yelled “don’t touch me” at the pair. When they got into the basement, the prosecutor said Williams forced the homeowner to open a safe, which was empty.

Williams allegedly told the homeowner “you have three seconds” to open other lockers and closets in the basement looking for drugs.

As Williams held the gun on the homeowner, Edwards went upstairs and ransacked the house, the prosecutor said. Edwards allegedly grabbed the homeowner’s phone. Palos Heights police arrived on the scene and arrested the pair. The prosecutor said that officers recovered the homeowner’s phone as well as the gun tucked in Williams’ waistband
Williams is currently on probation for a manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance conviction from last year. Edwards has no criminal background and claims to be a member of the Gangster Disciples, the prosecutor said.

The assistant public defender told the judge that Williams lives with his girlfriend and quit his job to be a stay-at-home dad. Edwards is visiting from Ohio but has a place to stay in Chicago if released on an I-bond.

“I find both of you to be a menace to society,” Mahoney said. “No bond.”

Palos Heights police said the home invasion appears to be an isolated incident. There is no danger to the community.

Williams and Edwards are both due back in court May 9 in Bridgeview.

Article Org: Patch.com

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