Fears of Deportation Silence Brighton Park Residents as Gang War Rages ON

A Brighton Park shooting that left two dead and eight wounded is the latest episode in a gang feud that started last year and has involved assault weapons, an area alderman says.

And Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th) says he thinks members of the largely Latino area have been afraid to speak to police since the Trump administration threatened to send immigration officials to sanctuary cities like Chicago.

A string of high-profile shootings in the Brighton Park area have left three dead and 12 wounded in one week, including two officers who police said were shot with rifles when their attackers mistook them for rival gang members. On Sunday, a group of people were at a memorial for a man slain earlier in the day when they were fired upon, leaving two dead and eight wounded.

“This is part of a continuing and growing gang conflict that began the middle part of last year between local gangs as well as some new arrivals, and we’ve been working hard to try to damper that,” said Lopez.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said investigators have a “pretty good idea of the conflict and what it’s over” and they think the gunmen from Sunday’s mass shooting opened fire because they were targeting their “rival [gang] members.” Continue Reading

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