Egyptian Christians Presented with Ultimatum, Islam or Death?


Christian priests from a Coptic church in Egypt were told to convert to Islam or face death, according to an Arabic news site. The incident, which comes in the middle of continued persecution of Egypt’s Christian community. The threats are from a new group in Egypt called, Jihad al-Kufr, whose name translates, Jihad against non-believers or non-Muslims. The group targets non-Muslims, and reportedly pressures them to convert to Islam or they murder them. Christians have felt increasingly at risk since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, which resulted in the rise of President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Egypt has 10 million Coptic Christians within its borders; recent reports indicate that over 100,000 have already fled the country since the election of Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. There have been many reported cases of murder and rape of Coptics nation wide. This insanity has also targeted the children of Coptic Christians, example an Egyptian court forced two Coptic Christian boys, ages 10 and 9, to face trial for “insulting the Koran,” according to reports. The boys were arrested after playing in a pile of trash, which authorities claimed included pages of the Koran.

Egypt’s Coptic Christian leader, Pope Tawadros II, spoke openly this month when he dismissed the new Muslim Brotherhood sponsored constitution as discriminatory. Pope Tawadros II went on to say, “We are a part of the soil of this nation and an extension of the pharaohs and their age before Christ,” he told the Associated Press. “Yes, we are a minority in the numerical sense, but we are not a minority when it comes to value, history, interaction and love for our nation.” The real tragedy here is, you never hear reports of these great injustices being inflicted on Christians all over the Mideast, by the American media or the Obama Administration.

The fact is our dear leader President Obummer supported the ouster of our ally in the region, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who kept the Coptic Christians safe for over thirty years from the persecution by barbaric groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess this makes the Obama administration partially responsible for the deaths of hundreds maybe thousands of Coptic Christians killed in Egypt.

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