Details of Massacred Ohio Family Emerge


The first graphic witness account of one of the scenes where eight people were massacred has been given to Daily Mail Online.

Car repairman Donald Stone, 44, told how he found the body of his cousin Kenneth Rhoden lying in bed with a single bullet wound to his head.

Stone revealed that Rhoden’s corpse, from its knees down, was strewn with dollar bills which may have been a sinister message from the killer, who police believe could have been a gangland member.

Police are investigating the possibility that a drugs turf war was behind the cold blooded executions and that the killings were the work of gangsters or hired hitmen. Law enforcement has said marijuana cultivation was found at three of the four murder scenes.

Stone said he was due to have spent the previous evening with his cousin and slept overnight there adding: ‘If I had, I would have been victim number nine. I feel lucky about that and to be alive today.’

Stone revealed that his cousin owned a ‘ferocious’ pitball dog called Brownie and believed the killer must have been known to him.

‘Brownie is a ferocious dog Kenneth had for protection. He was a guard dog.

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