CTU V.P. Orders Removal of Citizen Journalist from Protest in Chicago

CHICAGO-On March 27th 2013 CTU V.P. told security to remove citizen journalist from school closures protest in Chicago, the Vice President of the Teachers Union Jessie Sharkey would not answer any of the opposition medias questions, this is his right, but he then went step further and decided to call over one of the CTU security thugs and told him i was with EAG News and then told him to remove me, 2 thugs then came over and one got behind me and the other started blocking my camera with his back, he then turned and grabbed me by both my shoulders and shoved me backwards in doing this his chest pushed my camera into my face and told me to leave the PUBLIC EVENT, and that’s when I became loud, to call attention to what was happening . This is the way these teachers are presently dealing with the opposition media, if you ask the wrong questions, or do not agree with their position, mob rule rears its ugly head and you will be physically intimidated by these left wing thugs, so much for debating the issues or explaining their positions.

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