CPD Warns of Gang Retaliation for Killing of Rapper FBG Duck in Gold Coast

(Sun Times Wire) The rapper, whose name was Carlton Weekly, was shot Tuesday afternoon on Oak Street after two men jumped out of cars and opened fire. On Wednesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged the public to help police catch the shooters, saying, “Give no shelter to killers.”

The Chicago Police Department is warning officers to watch out for potential retaliation for the fatal shooting of rapper FBG Duck in the Gold Coast.

The slain 26-year-old rapper, whose name is Carlton Weekly, was on social media antagonizing rival gang members before he was killed Tuesday afternoon, according to an officer safety alert issued late Tuesday.

His video, which made “derogatory statements toward deceased members of the Black Disciples,” is a possible motive for his fatal shooting in the heart of the luxury shopping district on Oak Street, police said.

The alert warned of a “high probability of retaliatory gang violence” in the Wentworth, Grand Crossing and Englewood police districts on the South Side because of Weekly’s killing.

Police said Weekly was associated with a faction of the Gangster Disciples called Jaro City, which is based near 62nd Street and Vernon Avenue in West Woodlawn. But on social media, Weekly identified himself as a member of a Gangster Disciples faction called STL/EBT, which is in the same area and mostly friendly with Jaro City.

There’s a “high threat level” in an ongoing conflict between those Gangster Disciples and the O Block faction of the Black Disciples that operates in the Parkway Gardens apartments near 63rd Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the alert said.

Odee Perry, a member of a Black Disciples faction in Parkway Gardens, was shot to death in 2011 and the faction was called O Block in his honor. Perry’s killing sparked a series of retaliatory shootings — including the 2014 murder of Gakirah Barnes, who police say was a female gang assassin for a Gangster Disciples faction in the neighborhood.

To this day, the conflict is a central theme in rappers’ music on the South Side.

Weekly also was affiliated with the Fly Boy Gang, a group of rappers. The FBG in Weekly’s rapper name comes from Fly Boy Gang.

On Wednesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she understands Weekly was “an individual who fancies himself as a rapper but also is a member of a gang.”

“What we’re seeing is a manifestation of a larger problem, which is that way too many young men — particularly young men of color — have access to guns and are willing to use those guns to settle petty grievances,” she said.

Murders were up more than 50% in Chicago through July compared with the same period of 2019.

“We must step up and do the right thing,” Lightfoot said, calling for the public to provide the police with information about the shooters. “People who are involved in these shootings are not strangers. They are known in the community, on the block.”

“Give no shelter to killers,” she said.

Weekly was shot dead and two others were wounded in the targeted attack at 4:37 p.m. in the first block of East Oak Street. Shoppers were on the sidewalk when a pair of vehicles pulled up and two gunmen got out and opened fire. Weekly was hit multiple times and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As rapper FBG Duck, Weekly rose to national prominence in 2018 on the strength of his hit single “Slide,” which quickly grew into a mainstay on hip-hop radio and racked up over 53.5 million views on YouTube. Emerging into Chicago’s drill scene in 2013 with his debut mixtape “Look At Me,” FBG Duck released seven more projects and a bevy of singles.

Wounded in the shooting were a 36-year-old man hit in the back and side and a 26-year-old woman struck in the hand while sitting in a parked vehicle. The glass storefront of a clothing store, Dolce & Gabbana, was shattered by bullets. The gunmen fled west on Oak Street in a black Taurus and a silver-colored Chrysler 300, police said.

“We don’t expect this type of activity in this neighborhood,” Deputy Chief Daniel O’Shea said Tuesday night. “This area is well policed and this is something that was specifically targeted for these individuals. To see this happen in the middle of the day is very very disturbing.”

“We’ll take every tip we can get,” O’Shea said.

Howard Gordon, who owns Bravco Beauty on Oak Street with his wife, said he heard what sounded like “a machine gun” and a car speeding off. He said a bystander outside the store ran inside for cover.

Tony Moffett, a security guard at Tory Burch, said he saw someone fire shots about five minutes before the shooting. He said two men were speaking on the sidewalk in front of the boutique Cos when one pulled out a handgun and fired. The shooter ran east and the other person ran west, Moffett said.

About five minutes later, he heard at least six shots farther west down the street, which officers later taped off as another crime scene. O’Shea said police were investigating the report of shots fired prior to the shooting.

Activist Ja’Mal Green, who said he knows people close to FBG Duck, called on the city to help young people cope with the rapper’s killing.

“He was pretty popular and at the end of the day, there are going to be a lot of people angry at this,” Green said. “A lot of young people are going to lose hope because he was an idol. It’s going to take the city a large effort to help young people cope with this loss.”

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