CPD took 5,000 guns off the Bloody streets of Chicago since start of 2016


The presser was held in a vacant lot in the 4400 block of West Adams because the 5,000th gun was taken off the street there on Sunday.

Compared to this time last year, CPD has recovered nearly 25-percent more guns.

Superintendent Johnson says easy access to illegal guns and weak gun laws in Illinois and surrounding states are at the heart of Chicago’s violence.

He says 1400 people are driving the violence in 2-3 police districts, including West Garfield Park and Austin.

New legislation introduced in the state senate would keep gun offenders off the street.

Sunday, two people were arrested, one a juvenile.

When WGN asked Superintendent Johnson how many illegal guns he estimates are on Chicago streets on any given day, he couldn’t put a number on it but said it was huge.

Article Org: wgntv.com

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