CPD, Feds Arrest 50 Tied to Gangster Two Six Nation Street Gang

Federal and local authorities have charged nearly 50 members or associates of the Gangster Two-Six Nation street gang accused of dealing guns and drugs on Chicago’s South Side and surrounding suburbs.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Bunny Trap” in a nod to the gang’s rabbit symbol, uncovered gun and drug dealing inside a pizza parlor in the Brighton Park neighborhood as well as numerous other illegal gun deals, including in January in the parking lot of a South Loop grocery store, authorities said.

“This is one gang in Chicago, and this is not the only gang that our law enforcement efforts are looking at,” acting U.S. Attorney Joel Levin told reporters Friday in the lobby of the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse.

The investigation spanned more than two years and resulted in seizures of about 120 firearms, including several assault rifles and shotguns, 25 rounds of ammunition and two ballistic vests, as well as cocaine, fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine, authorities said.

Authorities said 27 defendants were charged in Cook County Criminal Court and another 21 in federal court.

The gang, which is national in scope, has been under investigation by federal and local law enforcement agencies since late 2014.

The probe, led by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and including Chicago police, used extensive surveillance measures and purchases of narcotics by undercover officers, authorities said.

Article Org: chicagotribune.com

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