Claim: Mainstream Media Waits for the Obama Admin to Dictate the Agenda and Coverage


Sunday on the Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” Sharyl Attkisson blasted the mainstream media for being President Barack Obama’s lap dogs.

While discussing the media’s lack of coverage of the growing threat of ISIS, Attkisson said, “Here’s my cynical viewpoint. It would have been on the front page had the administration wanted it to be on the front page,” and “The media waits for the administration to dictate the agenda and coverage.”

Attkisson explained, “A complicated set of reasons but it has to do with easier, laziness, support for the administration, support in general for the powers that be. Wanting to toe the line, but I guarantee you that if there had been headlines or the administration wanted concerns about terrorism to be on the front burner, quite the opposite happened and I see this whole question about ISIS as another point in the continuum that the administration apparently wanted to down play concerns about terrorism by and large.”

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