Chicago Rioters inflict Massive Damage on Chicago Businesses

(CBS) An overnight curfew has now ended as Chicagoans wake up to a damaged and unrecognizable city following a chaotic night of violence and looting. Thousands of people marched through the Loop to protest in memory of George Floyd, who died while being arrested on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

Protesters could be seen setting cars on fire, breaking into stores and looting. A lot of the violence happened on State Street and Michigan Avenue but also took place throughout the city.

With cleanup starting again, one group of volunteers met outside of Macy’s, which was left litter with trash, broken glass and debris.

An angry Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed the media Saturday just hours after protests in the Loop went from being peaceful to violent.

Chicago police tried to keep the peace but came face to face with protesters screaming and yelling at them. Protesters vandalized police cars and set them on fire.

The mayor said officers were attacked by protesters throwing things at them and even using bats and hammers as their weapons. Others spray painted graffiti on several buildings throughout the Loop.

CBS 2 cameras were rolling when police confronted people inside of Macy’s.

Volunteers from Women’s March Illinois were cleaning up shattered glass. They were wearing masks and practicing social distancing when possible while cleaning.

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