Chicago Police Drug Raid also nets 30 illegal Guns


Chicago police seized more than 30 guns and a supply of drugs while executing a search warrant Friday just outside the city’s northwest side.

The seizure puts total illegal guns off the street at 4,230 so far this year, the department said in a statement.

Officers identified the location a drug dealer had been selling guns and stashing guns. They worked with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the investigation.

Anthony Riccio, Chicago PD’s chief of organized crime, said officers are doing what they can to keep violence down but “the confiscation of guns like these demonstrates the need for stricter gun laws.”

“For every gun we take off the street, we have the potential to save another life and make our neighborhoods safer,” he said.

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  2 comments for “Chicago Police Drug Raid also nets 30 illegal Guns

  1. David
    January 5, 2018 at 11:07 am

    1. They Should cut down the number of Gun Stores are are Small ones should be cut it numbers way down now before it to late to Stop it too. By Street Ganges groups are robbing Guns out of the smaller Gun Stores are Smaller ones. An the medium Gun Stores too. Need to cut it Numbers way Down too. There is 51,271 F.F.L.s Last year too. Now is Around 50,630 F.F.L.s Holders Gun Stores is Left too. The A.T.F needs to cut it numbers of smaller Gun Stores way down too. To many Gang Members with Arrest Records back to old tricks too. By Stealing Guns out of Gun Stores too, Smaller ones & medium Gun Stores & Pawn Shop &gun Stores too. In 50 States too. All the counties as well too!

  2. David
    February 23, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    1. How many Federal Firearms License Gun Dealers :near the City of Chicago are selling Guns to Viol-ant Street Ganges groups too? Why? There oils to many Gun Dealers R need to cut down a tot too. Retailers need to be cut down by 0.90% too. agree! The law said is one Gun Dealers Retailer per 500,000 Residences, per one Gun Dealers Retailer Businesses too. Agree! For towns agree! Answer is: The new solution is one Gun Dealers per 1000,000 Residence too. Is new law is needed in all 50 States too . In large Cities too. In mega Cities too. This will some some of the Guns from getting stolen by Street Ganges on Gun Thief &n Dope on Drugs too !@ Agree! Only ).!0 5 Gun Dealers untouched too. agree! The A.T.F should look in to ; it too! Agree!

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