Chicago Police Capture Suspected Dan Ryan Killer

It takes time for the CPD to investigate shootings like this eventually the facts come out and the shooter or shooters are brought to justice.

Last summer On July 27th a man was fatally shot on the Dan Ryan Expressway, a South Shore man is accused of this murder.

The shooter was a backseat passenger in a white Mercedes, Deonte Young, was distraught over the death of a friend six years earlier, all of a sudden, he took out a gun and shot 23-year-old Shaquille Dirkans in the neck.

The front-seat passenger looked back and saw Young holding a gun and then wrestled the gun from Young’s hand, he then bit the passenger near his left eye during the struggle, and then tried to climb into the front seat and began to attack the driver.

The vehicle was brought to a stop after it crashed into the embankment in the inbound lanes of the expressway near 25th Street.

Young chased the driver from the vehicle while the front-seat passenger fled and tossed the gun over the side of the I-55 on-ramp, State troopers found Young bloodied and laying in a grassy area about three blocks away.

Dirkens was found covered in blood in the back seat of the Mercedes troopers pulled him from the back seat of the car laid him out on the expressway and administered CPR on him for over 15 minutes, but after paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead on the scene. The handgun was found near the expressway where it had been dropped and a spent shell casing was found inside the vehicle and forensic testing has since matched the casing to the weapon.

The driver and front-seat passenger both identified Young as “the person holding a gun” when Dirkans was shot

An arrest warrant charging Young with Dirkans’ killing was issued Nov. 29th.

On Wednesday, Chicago police officers responding to a call of a person with a gun in the 6300 block of South Racine tried to detain Young for questioning

He then fled from cops but was taken into custody about a block away. During the pursuit, he was seen tossing a .40-caliber Glock handgun to the ground and was also found in possession of an additional magazine loaded with live rounds.

Young is a convicted felon and is not allowed to possess a weapon.

Deonte Young, 26, faces a charge of first-degree murder in the July 27 shooting of 33-year-old Shaquille Dirkans, And I’m glad to report 4 months later the shooter is no longer at LARGE.

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  1. Tyler
    December 7, 2018 at 10:19 am

    This is great news until a liberal activist in the Chicago Court System sets him free on bond or gives him an obscenely low sent nice once he is convicted.

    All defense attorneys and liberal attorneys and judges should be forced to live on the West side without police protection. May be, just may be they’ll start sentencing and prosecuting these criminals and start protect the few innocent people on the Westside.

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