Chicago Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day Holiday

Maggio News Bloody Chicago VIDEO, 2018. Over the fourth of July weekend 5 Killed and 24 were wounded in shootings across the city but from Wednesday the fourth of July to Sunday 5 were killed and 38 people were shot over the five-day holiday. In 2017 over the same five-day holiday 8 were killed and 52 were wounded by gunfire, there has been a significant decrease from this year to last year, at this point the people of Chicago will take any good news about decreases in gun violence they can get.

Hopefully this year we can do better, CPD has put 1,500 additional Cops in the streets and we are all hoping for people to enjoy the Holiday and put the guns down because lives depend on it. Maggio News is still recovering from his injuries and still don’t know how long he will be out?

Everyone Please Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day Holiday.

Maggio News

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