Chicago Crime Commissions Unveils New 2018 Gang Book

(WGN) The Chicago Crime Commission is unveiling a new street-gang book that’ll serve as a guide for regional police and others keeping tabs on gangs.

The official release of the 2018 Gang Book on Tuesday is the first time since 2012 the crime-prevention group has released a new Gang Book.

The Associated Press obtained advanced access to the 400-page book . It scrutinizes 59 active Chicago gangs and includes updated gang-turf maps that show gangs continue to splinter. It lists more than 2,400 gang factions.

It says Chicago gangs keep expanding into suburbs. The Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Surenos 13, Maniac Latin Disciples and Vice Lords have the largest suburban presence.

The book describes how gangs have fully embraced social media in recent years, altering gang culture and sometimes making gang conflicts deadlier.

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