Chicago Cop Impales Arm on Fence Chasing Suspect in Humboldt Park

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: A Chicago Police Officer was injured in a foot pursuit, the cop impaled his arm on a fence while chasing someone in an alley at Springfield and Chicago avenue in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, over the radio his partner can be heard frantically looking for a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, after the arm was pulled off the top of the fence, he was bleeding very bad and at that moment the partner decided not to wait for an ambulance and drove the officer to Stroger, while all this was going on police dispatch coordinated a quick route of passage for the injured cop by lining the intersections with other cops, when the injured cop arrived at Stroger many others converged on the hospital, to support the injured cop.

I left the hospital and went to the scene to find guys from the block arguing with police about what had happened in the alley, a sergeant kept trying to explain to the growing crowd of very angry people, that no one was shot, they didn’t seem to believe him, while all this Kaos was going more officers arrived on the scene to assist in controlling the pissed off crowd, this situation took about an hour to defuse, the officer was treated and will be ok.

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