Chicago Braces for Mass Violence Due to Release of McDonald Shooting Video


Article by Vic Maggio

The lawyer for the Chicago police officer, who fatally shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, defended his client Friday saying the officer feared for his life and the video of the shooting is about to be made public and doesn’t show how the entire incident unfolded. It has been 13 months since the shooting of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer and on Wednesday the public will get to see what transpired on that October night between Officer Van Dyke and McDonald. This past Thursday Cook County Circuit Judge Franklin Valderrama ordered the city of Chicago to release a police dashboard cam video of the incident.

On October 20th 2015 Chicago Police Officers responded to a complaint that a man was breaking into vehicles in a trucking yard in the Archer Heights Neighborhood on Chicago’s South-side. Police officers made contact with the suspect, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, the officers then trailed him for nearly half a mile as he walked down the street brandishing a knife. He repeatedly ignored orders from Chicago Police officers to drop the knife, the pursuit by police ended at a Burger King on busy Pulaski Road. Officers then waited for backup units, armed with tasers to arrive. They then tried to corral the overly aggressive McDonald from having any contact with civilians, that’s when McDonald slashed the tire of one of the squad cars that was blocking his path of escape. It was at this moment Officer Van Dyke arrived on the scene jumped out of his squad car with his gun drawn then opened fire on McDonald, he pumped 16 rounds into McDonald’s body, many as he was laid out on the ground. This shooting was captured on a police dashboard cam which will now be released for all to see. According to the Chicago Tribune:

The Cook County medical examiner’s document details the multiple bullet wounds to Laquan McDonald, 17, who died Oct. 20, 2014, after being shot by police.


When the incident first occurred a Fraternal Order of Police spokesman said the officer fired only after McDonald lunged at him with the knife. After a review of the video by the city of Chicago’s lawyers the city council quickly decided to settle with his family for $5 million rather than risk going to court. McDonald was later found to have PCP in his system when he died; he was acting erratically and refusing police commands to drop his knife, records prove this fact. There is widespread concern throughout the city that the video will provoke violent protests rioting and mass destruction here in Chicago, the violence they fear is coming has not been seen in the city since the late 1960s.

In the wake of the announcement to release the video, the leadership of the Chicago Police Department ordered all Chicago Police Officers in plainclothes to wear their uniforms while on duty and not to wear their uniforms when off duty, so they won’t be targeted. This is seen by some to merely be a safety precaution of sorts by CPD Leadership, according to an unidentified source this is preparation for the civil unrest that the CPD leadership feels will follow the release of the video that shows a white police officer firing 16 bullets into black teenager Laquan McDonald. According to the Chicago Sun Times:

The People of Chicago need to be informed of what could result from this terrible incident and what it could mean for their city and their Police Officers; a city wide riot would paralyze the city of Chicago and make it very dangerous for its residents to move around the city during the violence. Presently the city of Chicago has over 100,000 documented gang members actively roaming the streets. The minority communities of Chicago are 50 times larger than in Ferguson Mo. and the city of Chicago is 3 1/2 times larger than the city of Baltimore; Chicago is presently the most violent City in the nation, According to in 2014, 390 people were shot and 2229 were wounded in shootings here in Bloody Chicago.

The fact is there are only 12,000 police officers on the Chicago Police Force, if the shit hits the fan and a major riot breaks out the CPD will be out gunned and out manned in the fight that could be coming their way. I feel this incident will put TARGETs on the backs of many good men and women of the Chicago Police Department all due to one officers extremely questionable use of force. The Leadership in Chicago needs to understand the only way to stop things from spiraling out of control is to bring in the National Guard to keep the peace on the streets of Chicago. Up to this point in time Chicago has been lucky to have escaped the violent backlash from the incidents in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore, Because of the release of this video I fear our luck has just run out.

I strongly believe the release of this video could very well be the catalyst that blows the lid off this city. The only good news for Chicago is the change in the weather and the up coming Thanksgiving Holiday, it is presently snowing and cold these two factors could keep large amounts of people off the streets and in their homes. The city of Chicago faces many more hurdles in the days ahead one of the biggest is President Obama, he needs to call for calm instead of his usual bashing of the police. This type of rhetoric by the President has only fueled past fires in Baltimore and Ferguson. The other hurdle Chicago faces is ignorant race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the Black Lives Matters Crew. They will most likely converge on Chicago to exploit the situation. The left wing media and their radical supporters have been pushing false narratives on police shootings over the past 2 years to provoke an uprising of sorts, this time it looks like they wont have to lie and push a false narrative. In fact, this incident looks as though it was “tailor made” for these type of haters. Unfortunately for Chicago, past history has shown us that there most likely won’t be any help coming from the likes of this bunch of bomb throwers. For this reason this situation should concern every single person that lives in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

In case people have forgotten what a MASS RIOT looks like? Take a look at this Ferguson video Maggio News did showing what took place on the streets of Ferguson MO in the fall of 2014. Multiply the severity by 50 times and that picture could very well be the fate of Chicago.

Maggio News will be out with boots on the ground in these neighborhoods to document the situations as they unfold, pray that Chicago weathers this storm of storms coming its way.

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