Chicago Alderman Wants to Arm Cops with Assault Rifle Fire Power

Watch for four Chicago aldermen — all former cops — to pull the trigger so more police officers can use military-style assault rifles since the shooting of two on-duty Deering District police officers on Tuesday night.

Sneed has learned the cadre of aldermen not only want more Chicago Police to be able to use so-called carbines and long guns but will urge the City Council, if necessary, to appropriate funds to authorize the hiring of retired Chicago cops and federal agents to be trained as instructors.

To wit: Many police officers have carbines and long guns, but they can’t be used for police work without proper certification by the police department.

Sneed also has learned that Kevin Graham, the new head of the Fraternal Order of Police, plans to join the aldermanic cadre urging police Supt. Eddie Johnson to take drastic measures to enable more cops to be certified “for the use of long guns.”

“My members are at risk, and the time has come for the city to acknowledge that the safety of our officers is paramount,” said Graham, who told Sneed he has sought to obtain certification to carry a long gun but has been unable to do so because of a huge backlog at the Chicago Police Training Academy.

“Hundreds of Chicago Police officers have asked to be trained and certified in the use of long guns and they face a long waiting list,” added Ald. Edward Burke (14th), who is joining aldermen Anthony Napolitano (41st), Christopher Taliaferro (29th) and Willie Cochran (20th) in the call for action. Continue Reading

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