Check Out this Young Uneducated Radical Leftists Thought Process, Rationalizing the Sale of Baby Parts


As someone who works in the blogois sphere hope that’s the proper word, otherwise I’m going to look like a horse’s rear, but then again, how’s that different from any other day — I’m constantly bombarded by the sickest, most deranged, wildly unintelligent, scum sucking, dirtbag liberal tripe you can imagine.

Hey, it comes with the territory, you know? Freedom ain’t free. Just so happens the price I have to pay to fight for liberty is my sanity. It’s worth the cost, plus, I was already crazy to begin with, so there’s that.

With all that I’ve seen, nothing could possibly prepare me for the disgusting display I encountered on YouTube after seeing this video by a young lady defending Planned Parenthood and their baby chop shop.

Seriously, if you can watch this video without wanting to barf all over your computer screen, I commend you, because this woman is atrocious. Continue Reading

Commentary: This young person is the rouge scholar of a liberal education take in how mean and cold and irrational this girl is, I have to say sitting behind the Bookshelves doesn’t add to your intelligence young lady, in fact after hearing your Bullshit for 4 minutes I must ask what is in those books behind you?

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