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U.S. blind to lesson of Archduke Ferdinand

VIENNA, Austria–The countdown started in Sarajevo in June 1914, the conflagration followed in August. The assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serb nationalist set in motion a series of events in which the great European powers marched, with near lockstep, into a war which would devour seventeen million people, devastate nations, and dismantle…

ABC’s This Weeks Interview with Scripted Obama Adviser

There Are many things wrong with ABC’s one on one interview with White house Sr. adviser Dan Pfeiffer, the first question is why is he reading a teleprompter in a live one on one interview?. Is it because he is uneducated on the issues? Or is he being set up, as a fall guy for the Obama Administration. Either way the Administration once again looks incompetent with a fool like Mr. Pfeiffer struggling to read White house talking points from the teleprompter. Evidently the Obama administration does not trust, this adviser enough to not screw up a live interview; this young Obama adviser looked like a fool, to anybody who caught this scripted interview with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning May 19th 2013.

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