Jihadists Aunt is the Type of Delusional Immigrant Which Ails America Today

Boston jihadists Aunt: ‘WHERE IS EVIDENCE? I’M SUSPICIOUS THAT THIS WAS STAGED’ Throw this delusional immigrant bitch the hell out of our country and send her back to the shit-hole in Chechnya where she came from. Perfect delusional voter for the democrat voter immigration amnesty drive, this is not our idea of a candidate for immigration in America.

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Obama Enraged After Failure on Background Checks Amendment in The Senate

Let me get this straight the bipartisan amendment that Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) proposed, then was defeated in the senate and admittedly would not have stopped the Newtown massacre, nor would it have prevented a future tragedy. It seems to me a bill that would not stop future killings was a failure at conception. So what’s the fuss O? Angry Obama stated this was a starting point, why did he say this because he plans to chip away at our second amendment rights, what he really wants to say is, I will not stop till I gets all your guns…….

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Louisiana’s Shocking Prison System Shows Drug Use Gambling Alcohol Guns

Graphic video shown during a federal court hearing this week over Louisiana’s troubled Orleans Parish Prison system features inmates doing drugs, gambling, drinking alcohol, handling firearms and living in deplorable conditions.

The unbelievable video was reportedly captured in 2009 with a cell phone smuggled into the now-closed House of Detention in New Orleans. However, critics argue there are other jails with just as bad conditions.

In the video, one inmate injects what appears to be heroin while another shows off a pistol, ejecting four bullets from the chamber to display that it’s loaded. That’s right, prison inmates doing things that land you in prison — in prison. Continue Reading

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New Ad Campaign Plastered on SF Mini Buses,‘Killing Jews Is Worship’


SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – A controversy has been re-ignited this week as ten new ads go up on San Francisco Muni buses containing quotes used by terrorists.“Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to Allah,” reads one of the ads, which has people debating the line between free speech and hate speech.

“The purpose of our campaign is to show the reality of Jihad, the root causes of terrorism. Using the exact quotes and text that they use,” said Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Institute.

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Dutch Muslim Immigrants Claim ‘Hitler Should Have Killed All Jews’

Here they are for all to see young Muslim anti-Semites in all their misguided glory praising Hitler and supporting the murder of millions of Jewish people. These are the future representatives of Islam and these are some of the hateful things that are being taught to Muslim children, as early as 3 years of age. The punks in this video are the same haters that uninformed governments continue to introduce, Trojan horse multiculturalism to peaceful tolerant nations all over the world. All of these distorted parasites of hate should be sent back to the shit holes that created THEM.

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Global Warming Sycophants Surprisingly Ok With Al Gore Selling Current TV For Arab Oil Money

Uninformed robots brave the cold in Washington to support Al Gore and our endangered planet. MRCTV’s Dan Joseph, braved the elements and headed to the National Mall to talk to protesters, about the sale of current TV to Al Jazeera a news organization largely funded by Middle Eastern oil interests. He then asked whether they thought this was hypocritical, most of the protesters seemed to want to give Gore a pass. Surprisingly, many of the environmentalists had never even HEARD that the deal had gone down in the first place.

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Pennsylvania Inmates Collecting Millions in Fraudulent Unemployment Checks


Taxpayer money is paying for the incarceration of Pennsylvania inmates and while they’re behind bars you’re also paying their salaries. State and federal officials say inmates across the country are collecting millions each year in fraudulent unemployment benefits, often because of inadequate oversight by government bureaucrats. Pennsylvania is the most recent case where more than 1,000 people collected benefits while behind bars.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett said his administration is correcting the problem. But the 1,162 inmates had already collected about $334 every week for more than four months, costing taxpayers about $7 million. In Arizona, officials purportedly found 475 inmates collected roughly $1.1 million in 2010 and 2012.

Millions disappears from state coiffures and these officials in the state unemployment office never questioned why 1000 inmates in prison were receiving about $7 million in state unemployment checks addressed to prisoners with inmate numbers, in prison. These incompetent bureaucrats that cant stop sending checks to people that are being punished are similar to the ones that want to control healthcare decisions for 320 million Americans.

Article Org; Foxnews.com

NASA’s James Hansen Warn’s of Future Eco-Terror Threats at D.C. Rally

On February 17. 2013 protestors marched in Washington to the U.S. Capitol calling for a ban on all forms of energy oil, coal, gas & nuclear’ And they called for end to capitalism. NASA’s James Hansen, the main Eco-Terrorist and ex-con is inspiring these green nut jobs to further potential acts of Eco terrorism. James Hansen just announced it’s ‘game over’ for the climate if we approve the keystone pipeline. He was arrested for the 4th time this past week protesting the pipeline. Hansen has endorsed a book calling for ridding the world of industrial civilization, for blowing up dams and razing cities to the ground and turning off our greenhouse gas machine.

This means we must live in the dark and freeze in order to save the planet. Protesters believe in Hansen’s doomsday prophecy and are willing to act on his big bag of lies about the present state of the planet. This man incites and poisons weak minded people to commit acts of Eco terrorism in the name of saving a serial killer planet, that sheds us like so many unwanted flees everyday. These people are a bunch of uneducated props being used to further an agenda that would take trillions of dollars out of the hands of the American people in the name of saving a planet. These arrogant fools believe they can control the planet through acts of terror and or legislation, take a long look around at all the things these wizards of smart cannot control in everyday life, shootings, crime, debt, murderous regimes killing millions all over the globe, these events they can not control, so what makes them think they can stop tornado’s, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, or even asteroids from continually killing inhabitants of this planet. The is fact is they can’t.

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