Police Injured in The Line of Duty

3 Police Officers Shot in Sanibel. FL, St. Louis. MO, 1 Officer Killed in San Antonio, TX

WAR ON POLICE-Three police officers have been shot and one officer was killed in what appear to be ambush style attacks against law enforcement officers across the country. San Antonio, TX A San Antonio police officer was fatally shot Sunday while writing a traffic ticket outside of police headquarters, authorities said. San Antonio police Chief…

Two Fort Worth Police Officers Shot, Suspect Killed

Officer Marc Povero, spokesman for the Fort Worth Police Department, updates the situation after two officers were shot while responding to a call at a south Fort Worth home. Two Fort Worth police officers who were shot while responding to a suicide call at a home Friday evening are expected to recover, the department says.…

Off-duty Chicago Cop grazed in Bridgeport shooting

An off-duty Chicago Police officer was grazed by a bullet early Sunday and returned fire in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the South Side. The officer completed his shift shortly after 5 a.m. and was driving west on West 31st Street near South Loomis Street when a vehicle sped up behind his vehicle, Chicago Police spokesman…

Video of Chicago Police Wild Shootout with Carjacking Suspect

The Chicago Police encounter armed violent criminals on the streets of Chicago every day I watch these officers take down some very dangerous individuals in the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago. These men and women with the Chicago Police Department are tested every single day on the bloody streets of Chicago. Cops in Chicago make the right call 99% of the time in these high pressure situations but people only want to focus on that 1% of the time when an officer makes a bad decision, the public should rethink vilifying the 99% of the officers that do the right thing in these life and death situations they are put in daily.

I watch these men and women work these streets under extreme conditions that most of the public just can’t understand. It takes a lot of balls to run or drive into the gunfire if these brave men and women don’t do this job who will???? YOU!!!!

Maggio News

Audio and video from dashboard cameras captured the dramatic pursuit Tuesday night of the vehicle that police said had been stolen earlier in the day. The chase escalated after the suspect extended an arm out the driver’s window. Shots could then be heard, and a flash of light appeared.

Moments later, another shot fired by the suspect struck the police vehicle. An officer suffered a graze wound to the head, police said.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters Wednesday at police headquarters. “These police officers face this kind of thing every single day,” Johnson said. “Law enforcement all over the country right now is being scrutinized for everything that they do. But yet, these officers didn’t go away from this. They ran to it.”

Article/Video Org: chicagotribune.com

Chicago Police Officer Shot in the Face by Carjacker

A Chicago Police officer was grazed by a bullet Tuesday night while trying to stop a carjacking suspect on the Far South Side. The officer suffered the wound to his face about 10:05 p.m. in the 10000 block of South Eggleston, according to Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Patrol officers investigating the carjacking saw…