Media Bias

MSNBC Reporter Caught Lying on Live TV, Claimed Israeli Police Shot ‘Unarmed’ Palestinian Terrorist

MSNBC’s-Ayman Mohyeldin, a reporter who has time and time again displayed bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists and against Israeli Jews, was caught lying about a terrorist attack by his own anchor on air Friday while reporting on the newest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mohyeldin was on the scene in Jerusalem reporting on an…

Media Ignores Black Cop Shooting White Man

On the surface, the cases appear nearly identical: Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor, two young, unarmed men with sketchy criminal pasts shot to death by police officers two days apart. But while the world knows of the highly publicized situation involving 18-year-old Mr. Brown, whose Aug. 9 death in Ferguson, Missouri touched off violence, protests…

ABC’s This Weeks Interview with Scripted Obama Adviser

There Are many things wrong with ABC’s one on one interview with White house Sr. adviser Dan Pfeiffer, the first question is why is he reading a teleprompter in a live one on one interview?. Is it because he is uneducated on the issues? Or is he being set up, as a fall guy for the Obama Administration. Either way the Administration once again looks incompetent with a fool like Mr. Pfeiffer struggling to read White house talking points from the teleprompter. Evidently the Obama administration does not trust, this adviser enough to not screw up a live interview; this young Obama adviser looked like a fool, to anybody who caught this scripted interview with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning May 19th 2013.

Video Org ABCNEWS.

Meet the Press Pushes Hillary Clinton for President, Discusses Everything but Failure in Benghazi

The left wing loons at Meet the Depressed are excited about Hillary Clinton for President they discussed her hair style and cannot directly point to any successes as Secretary of State. Take a look at the state of disarray she left the Mideast, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, and they also forget to mention her failure in Benghazi that resulted in a dead U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans on her watch, that she still will not shed any light on what actually happened to Americans she was responsible for. What they should also be focusing on is the introduction of all the radicals by Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 90’s that are still clinging to power in the Obama Administration.