GOP Leadership Concedes to the Liberal Narrative on Republican Parties Loosing Identity

Hey Rinse we all know what has went wrong with the Republican Party, the leadership and that rinse means you!!!!!!! And also past strokes like Michael (the lib media superman) Steele are great examples why the party presently SUCKS. Rinse you are weak and making the party weaker by the day.

Once again Rinse you blame it on everything except yourself after all you where the Chairman during the 2012 elections Right., Rinse what ever happened to personal responsibility, Rinse you sound like the head of the democrat party trying to deny your dismal record as head of the GOP. Rinse embrace conservatism like it is a young woman, this is the only way to win period, bowing down to the liberal narrative will end the GOP when the tea part devours it and Kicks your moderate pussy asses out of the party. GOT IT NOW RINSE.

When will conservatives learn there is no dealing with moderates and liberals, Conservatives should never negotiate with WRONG never ever on any level.