Crime Fraud

Hobos Gang Members indicted on Murder, Racketeering Charges

The Hobos — a super-violent Chicago street gang whose alleged crimes range from killing police informants to robbing NBA players — have been charged in a major federal racketeering case. An indictment charged nine members of the gang in a conspiracy involving five murders, three robberies and other violent crimes, and the operation of drug…

Pennsylvania Inmates Collecting Millions in Fraudulent Unemployment Checks


Taxpayer money is paying for the incarceration of Pennsylvania inmates and while they’re behind bars you’re also paying their salaries. State and federal officials say inmates across the country are collecting millions each year in fraudulent unemployment benefits, often because of inadequate oversight by government bureaucrats. Pennsylvania is the most recent case where more than 1,000 people collected benefits while behind bars.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett said his administration is correcting the problem. But the 1,162 inmates had already collected about $334 every week for more than four months, costing taxpayers about $7 million. In Arizona, officials purportedly found 475 inmates collected roughly $1.1 million in 2010 and 2012.

Millions disappears from state coiffures and these officials in the state unemployment office never questioned why 1000 inmates in prison were receiving about $7 million in state unemployment checks addressed to prisoners with inmate numbers, in prison. These incompetent bureaucrats that cant stop sending checks to people that are being punished are similar to the ones that want to control healthcare decisions for 320 million Americans.

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