Chris Rock, How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

This Video is Funny as Hell and True Too

Comedian Chris Rock uses humor to show how to use common sense when interacting with the police. The video montage has a lot of truth to it. Noncompliance by suspects seems to be what all these police shootings have in common. What Chris Rock is saying is it all starts with YOU, you set the tone when interacting with police. It can go one of two ways right and wrong you make the choice.

Video Org: Jan Fagerström

VIDEO: Reagan the Best at Poking Fun at the Soviets

President Ronald Reagan was the best at using humor to get his point across about the failed communist system in the soviet Union, this montage of video clips brings Reagan’s wit to life, compare this president to the rest of the idiots we have had as our leaders since.

VIDEO: The Good Old Days When Humor Wasn’t Censored by the PC Police

Racism is no laughing matter, certainly. But can we all agree that political correctness has gone too far? There was a time not too long ago where a bit of edgy humor was acceptable. Movies like “Blazing Saddles” and shows like “All in the Family” kept people in stitches and the jokes were hardly mean-spirited, but meant in good fun. Take a look at the video compilations below and ask yourself if these shows would ever be allowed on television today and if by prohibiting such humor, have we lost something?

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VIDEO: SNL Accurately Reenacts CNNs Democrat Presidential Debate

The Cast of SNL don’t realize how accurately they depicted the clown show that was the Democrat Presidential debate, SNLs version wasn’t as funny as the real debate but they came close to nailing the foolishness of these Old White People that claim to be Champions of racial diversity in America, does this group of…

Hilarious: Comedian shows where Political Correctness will eventually take us

A short two-minute clip from comedian Colin Quinn’s new Netflix series “Unconstitutional” grabbed attention on the Internet Friday. The clip focuses on the culture of political correctness and was posted online by the College Fix with Quinn’s permission. “In less than two minutes, comedian Colin Quinn paints a hilariously scary picture of what it’s like…