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Chicago Police, 81 Arrested in Gang Raids across the City

Chicago Police have struck back at known, violent offenders in a series of raids on the city’s South and West sides. Dozens of convicted felons were taken into custody Friday and police are promising more to come. Police are also crediting a new technology initiative with helping identify many of their suspects. Police targeted their…

Nonexistent Chicago Gang Leaders Offering Lives for Social Programs?

We know one of the leaders of Chicago’s notorious street gangs definitely didn’t reach out to a Cleveland pastor to arrange a “sit down.” Earlier this month, a federal jury found the reputed leader of the so-called “Hobos”, Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester and six members,” guilty of a racketeering conspiracy and five murders. Feds described the…

Brighton Park Elementary Students Under Siege by Gang Violence

It is Shields Elementary School in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood, and kids are constantly approached by gangs and surrounded by violence. Nine people have been shot near the school in the past month. And now, the community is fighting for millions of dollars to fund prevention programs. “When a child says to you, I don’t…

Cook County Jail Gang Fight, Leaves Five Inmates Seriously Injured

Div 9 01-06-17 from Cook County Sheriff on Vimeo.

A video released Friday night shows the chaotic brawl at Cook County Jail that sent five inmates to the hospital.

At about 1:30 p.m. Friday, a fight broke out among detainees housed in Division 9, the jail’s super-maximum security division, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Ambulances were called to the scene at the jail for reports of multiple stab wounds. Paramedics transported five victims who were believed to be seriously injured to area hospitals, a law enforcement source confirmed.

The injuries included puncture wounds, said Sophia Ansari, a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

While the sheriff’s office continues to investigate what started the fights and the weapons used in them, the newly released 1½-minute video shows the melee unfold.

About two dozen inmates were in the block’s common area when one man stabs another man on the block’s steps, the video shows.

Following the initial stabbing, a fight breaks out, with inmates throwing punches and stabbing other inmates. Five seconds into the video, one inmate punches another inmate into a concrete column. As he lays there seemingly unconscious, another inmate kicks him in the head.

Seventy seconds into the video, correctional officers storm the room, taking control of the scene. The fight was quickly under control by sheriff’s deputies, Ansari said.

Four of the injured inmates are in Cook County Jail charged with murder and one is charged with armed robbery.

The division is secure and no staff were injured, Ansari said.

The stabbings follows a hostage standoff and stabbing in June at the jail and an October brawl at the jail that sent 10 people — including two correctional officers — to the hospital.

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Chicao Police Seize Military Style Weapons in South Side Raid

The Chicago Police 6th district robbery team and SWAT who executed a search warrant yesterday in the 5600 block of south Ada. They arrested two convicted felons, and recovered the following: 4 WEAPONS (1) AK-74 Assault Rifle (556 caliber with .223 rounds) (1) AR-15 Rifle (5.45×39 caliber) (1) Sig Sauer P220 .45 Semi-Automatic Pistol (1)…

Leaders of Hobos Street Gang GUILTY of Killings, Kidnappings

A federal jury on Wednesday convicted six reputed leaders of the violent Hobos street gang of racketeering conspiracy charges alleging the gang carried out a slew of killings, kidnappings, robberies and shootings over the course of a decade. After a marathon 15-week trial that featured hundreds of witnesses and four days of closing arguments, the…

Cousin of Hobos Leader, Gregory Bowlegs Chester, Testifies for Defense

A cousin of alleged Hobos leader Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester took the witness stand Tuesday as Chester and five other allegedly high-ranking gang members set out to defend themselves in a federal racketeering trial that has already lasted 12 weeks. But Walter Binion, a former Black Disciple, then found himself eye-to-eye with a federal prosecutor years…

Witness, Hobo Gangster, Paris Poe is the Assassin of FBI Informant

When a masked gunman ambushed her family sedan in April 2013, Shanice Peatry reached around to her two startled children, pushing her 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter down into the back seat as bullets flew toward the car. But the gunman, who stepped out from behind a shrub as the family returned home from dinner…

Video of Cook County Jail Brawl That Left 10 Inmates, 2 Guards Injured

A video released Wednesday shows a chaotic brawl at Cook County Jail that sent 10 people — including two correctional officers — to the hospital Tuesday night.

Paramedics were called the jail’s Division 9, a maximum-security facility, for reports of multiple injuries after a jail brawl about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

Paramedics took 10 injured people — two correctional officers and eight detainees — to three area hospitals — St. Anthony Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Stroger Hospital, a spokesman for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday.

Some of those injured were stabbed, and some were battered, Langford said. Two correctional deputies were struck by food trays that were thrown during a fight, according to the sheriff’s office.

While the sheriff’s office continues to investigate what started the fights and the weapons used in them, the newly released 2½-minute video shows the melee unfold.
About 30 inmates were in the block’s common area when a fight among a group of detainees breaks out, the video shows. About six detainees take off their shirts, throwing punches.

Two minutes into the video, correctional officers storm the room, placing some of the detainees in handcuffs. At one point, an inmate grabs a lunch tray from stacks of trays sitting on a table, and correctional officers quickly throw the trays on the ground, presumably to prevent detainees from using them as weapons.

About a dozen ambulances responded to the scene Tuesday night. None of the injuries were life-threatening. Continue Reading

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New BBC Documentary ‘The Lost Streets of Chicago’: Explores inner-city Violence

Chicago’s homicide crisis is getting worldwide attention, thanks to a new documentary called “The Lost Streets of Chicago.”

It’s a look at the violence in Chicago’s neighborhoods through the eyes of a foreigner, and British Broadcasting correspondent Ian Pannell uses rappers like CTC DuWop to tell the story.

“You got to be ready man, I don’t know how to reiterate that. Ain’t no second chances man. When we turn the alleys here, you can already see the shorty’s on top of the cars, they know the cars. The lost streets of Chicago,” Duwop said in the documentary.

Pannell says his mini-documentary has been seen by over 300 million viewers. He decided to explore violence in inner cities after hearing about the disproportionate number of young black males who are homicide victims.

Choosing to focus on Chicago was easy.

“You just passed the three thousandth person shot in nine months. That shocks me, it should shock any journalist. That’s not normal, as one of our contributors said, that’s not normal. I don’t see how that is a situation of anything other than madness,” Pennell said.

Pannell says he relied on local rappers for access to neighborhoods, because they have an easier time crossing gang boundaries where turf wars can be dangerous.

“Many of the rappers have to deal with different sections of the community through music, through promotion, they have a level of street credibility, which allows you to get access to areas that otherwise would be difficult if not dangerous to go into,” Pannell said.

With rappers leading the way, viewers get a taste of the filming of a new video, and a lesson in survival.

West side rapper Bo Deal helped introduce Pannell to the street scene.

“I never seen so many guns like now, ever. The girls shooting it. It’s like they dropped off, somebody dropped off crates of guns in everybody hood. The lost streets of Chicago,” Bo Deal said.

Pannell has reported on conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. He was still amazed at what he found in neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West Sides.

“I haven’t seen that many guns in civilian areas, in civilian hands, outside of a conflict zone. Normally called a war zone,” Pennell said. Continue Reading

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Hobo Leaders Lawyer Questions Chicago Cops Credibility

The leader of Chicago’s so-called Hobos “super gang” claims he’s been set up by lying cops. So on Monday, his defense attorney tried to attack the tactics of a Chicago Police officer who has been investigating Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester for nearly a decade. Detective William Brogan testified Monday during the trial of Chester and five…

Hobo Jury Educated on the History of Chicago Street Gangs

Federal prosecutors gave jurors a lesson in the history of Chicago’s street gangs Thursday when they called their first witness in the trial of the Hobos “super gang.” Nicholas Roti, the former chief of the Chicago Police Department’s organized crime bureau, testified about the origins of the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples. Fireworks were expected…