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Jesse Jackson Jr. Charged with Ripping Off $750,000 in Campaign Donations

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Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was charged in Federal Court Friday with conspiring to steal campaign funds totaling 750,000 for personal use. The Feds claim the purchases included a $43,000 “gold-plated men’s Rolex watch” and nearly $10,000 worth of “children’s furniture”, as well as, $5,000 worth of “fur capes and parkas” and many other personal items. Fan memorabilia including $4,600 on a Michael Jackson fedora and $4,000 on a Eddie Van Halen guitar plus Bruce Lee autographed memorabilia. If Jackson is found guilty he will have to hand over all of the expensive items. The penalty for Jackson is a maximum of five years in jail and $250,000 in fines. For his wife, the maximum is three years and $100,000 in fines.

A letter from the editor: Dear Mr. Jesse Jackson Jr. you served the people of Chicago Illinois 2nd Congressional district for 16 years. You sir where paid over $180,000 per year with perks which equals 2.8 million over 16 years and let’s not forget about the co-conspirator Mrs. Sandra Lee Jackson who made $112,000 a year, as a Chicago Alderwoman, which equals $670,000 over 6 years. The grand total of both salaries combined is a whopping 3.5 Million in tax payer funded dollars. All that taxpayer income was not enough for you to live on Apparently not because the both of you felt entitled to steal from the good people of the 2nd congressional district, are the same people who supported your dead beat ass for 16 years. These people of your district are poorer than most represented districts in Illinois. Your district lacks good paying jobs, has poor transportation, serious infrastructure problems and lackluster crime ridden failing schools. In some areas of the district residents live in fear of gangs and ever increasing violent crimes. These are the people you and your significant other chose to rob, didn’t your father teach you better than that?

You sir, violated an oath and in that oath is responsibility and trust that was granted to you by the people of the 2nd congressional district of Illinois. What you did is the worst of the worst. You are a con-artist politician who robs the poor of money that could have been used to help the community. It doesn’t sound too good when its put in the proper context, does it Jessie? A good piece of advice is, the Jackson family should stay in Washington with the rest of the crooks, because the people of the 2nd district probably want their donations back. The Prosecutor in your case should throw the book at both of you criminals; there should have been no plea deal for you and the misses. If it where up to the people of the 2nd district I fear they would tie both of you to street lamps and deal with the likes of you and your,” I’m entitled to all that’s not ours mentality” in a most social justice Chicago way. Thanks for 16 years of service to your district which is in the worst shape it has ever been in.

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