Bloody Chicago

Maggio News Attends Ingram Angle Chicago Town Hall

I attended the Laura Ingram town hall this week to discuss the growing violence here in Chicago.
I paneled with Gianno Caldwell he interviewed residents in the hood and I cover the violence on the ground.
It was filmed earlier in Chicago sept 2nd 2018

Warning Graphic: 48 Hours on the Bloody Streets of Chicago

Maggio News Bloody Chicago Video: At least 28 people were shot in Chicago, three of them fatally, over the weekend.

The most violent part of the weekend was Friday night, when three were killed and seven others were wounded in shootings. On Saturday 5 people were wounded five and on Sunday nine were wounded and four were wounded early Monday before sunrise.

I Guess this can be considered to be progress, because this has been least violent weekend in over 4 weeks in Chicago. This weekend, 28 people were shot and 3 were killed in weekend gun Violence, maybe the 600 additional cops are making a difference?

But the most tragic incident this weekend, were the deaths of 10 KIDS in the little village fire.

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Chicago Cop Impales Arm on Fence Chasing Suspect in Humboldt Park

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: A Chicago Police Officer was injured in a foot pursuit, the cop impaled his arm on a fence while chasing someone in an alley at Springfield and Chicago avenue in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, over the radio his partner can be heard frantically looking for a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, after the arm was pulled off the top of the fence, he was bleeding very bad and at that moment the partner decided not to wait for an ambulance and drove the officer to Stroger, while all this was going on police dispatch coordinated a quick route of passage for the injured cop by lining the intersections with other cops, when the injured cop arrived at Stroger many others converged on the hospital, to support the injured cop.

I left the hospital and went to the scene to find guys from the block arguing with police about what had happened in the alley, a sergeant kept trying to explain to the growing crowd of very angry people, that no one was shot, they didn’t seem to believe him, while all this Kaos was going more officers arrived on the scene to assist in controlling the pissed off crowd, this situation took about an hour to defuse, the officer was treated and will be ok.

Man Shot, Critically Wounded on Bloody Sunday in North Lawndale

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: There was man critically wounded in a shooting at Springfield and Filmore in the North Lawndale Neighborhood. It is unclear if this man was shot in one of multiple incidents that took place on the westside Sunday morning, it was mass chaos on a level I can’t seem to quite explain. The man was taken away in very serious condition. After the man was taken away from the scene the anger and rage erupted within the crowd and they started to take it out on the cops, the cops stood and took it till they tired out and slowly started to leave this all took about 30 minutes to achieve.

Mass Shooting, 6 Shot, Girl, 17 Killed in Lawndale Neighborhood

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: Dozens of people were standing on the sidewalk on the 1300 block of south Millard in the Lawndale Neighborhood. when two shooters approached on foot and fired shots. a 17-year-old girl was shot in the face and killed she was pronounced dead on the scene.

And a 14, year old boy was shot in the left leg and was taken to Mt. Sinai in stable condition.

Another young boy age 11 was shot in the left leg and was taken to Mt. Sinai in stable condition.

A 17-year-old male was shot in the right leg and taken to Rush in stable condition.

A 17-year-old girl was shot in the right arm and taken to Stroger in stable condition.

And a 21-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the back and arm she was taken to Mt. Sinai in critical condition.
6 people were shot, and a 17-year-old girl was killed in this westside mass shooting.

Area Central detectives are investigating. And the shooters of these kids are still at large.

While I was covering the mass shooting in Lawndale another guy was shot while I was sitting in the street I heard multiple gun shots that very very close, I waited a minute pulled up and got out to see what happened and another shot was fired about 70 yards away on the other side of the boulevard close to my direction.

One of those three shots I heard in the car or the shot that was fired when I got outside the car struck this guy, the man at the head of this group of guys was shot and walked passed the police and started fucking with them even after being shot, he basically told them to go to hell and he refused help from the cops and kept walking with his crew.

It was so bad this Sunday that Access to Stroger Hospital was tightened for a while. because, more than 200 people and mass amounts of wounded converged on the hospital. Mount Sinai Hospital had to stop accepting new emergency cases for a while.

The Bloodiest Weekend of the year took place this weekend. There were multiple mass shootings Sunday morning, six of the shootings injured four or more people in a single attack, totaling 31 victims the worst mass shooting took place in the Gresham neighborhood 8 people were shot in this one incident. This weekend 12 human beings were killed including a 17-year-old girl and nearly 62 were wounded in weekend shootings on the bloody streets of Chicago, these numbers are reflective of a war zone. Please Pray for Chicago.

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Four People Shot in Violent Shootout in West Humboldt Park

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: Update Correction, the man struggling with this woman shot is with fire department not a Chicago cop.
Four people were shot in a violent shootout at Karlov and Augusta Blvd in the West Humboldt Park Neighborhood. This all started when a Black Cadillac with 2 shooters inside rolled down the block and opened fire on a group of people striking 3 people, who then returned fire causing the shooters car to crash and they fled the scene. The 4th victim shot was walking down the street and just happened to be caught in the crossfire.

The shooting scene was very chaotic There were gunshot victims spread out from one end of the block to the other, there was woman shot in a car at the end of the block she told police she wasn’t shot and basically told them to go away and slammed the door shut on the cops.

A short time later cops went back to car and this time got a look at her blood soaked white pants and once again they tried to help the woman and that’s when she became extremely combative towards them, and this was probably due to the shock of being shot, and the cops claimed she reeked of alcohol, after a brief struggle the cop in charge calmed the lady down and once again started working to help her, he cut the pant leg off to see where she was shot, and to also see if the bullet went clean through, after about 2 minutes the Paramedics arrived and took the woman to a waiting ambulance,,,,,,, it was in the ambulance when the harsh reality hit the poor woman that she had been shot, she then screamed out and rolled over on the Gurnee, at the other end of the block a young man was shot in the leg he was taken away by paramedics in good condition, another 29-year-old man sustained a Graze wound to the chest and was taken to Stroger in stable condition. And a 30-year-old man was shot in the right ankle and left calf he was also taken to Stroger in stable condition.

There were over 70 plus shell casings all over the entire block

The shooters are still at large

Three Women Shot on Bloody Sunday in the West Garfield Neighborhood

Warning Graphic, Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: When I thought it couldn’t get any worse tonight it did and the west side went up for GRABS, I and I mean totally up for grabs.

Multiple women were shot at near a block party at the corner of Gladys and Cicero in the West Garfield neighborhood
The 3 women were standing on a front porch hangin out when two groups of guys started firing at one another. A 29-year-old woman was shot in the back and was taken to Stroger in stable condition the 2nd woman a 28 year old was shot in the arm and was taken to Stroger in stable condition the 3rd woman a 41 year old was shot in the upper thigh she was taken to Loretto in stable condition. No shooters are in custody. And Area North detectives are investigating.

Its mass chaos when walking up to a shooting where multiple people are shot and there are hundreds of others on the scene in panic wandering around trying to figure out who got shot, it is something to witness Cops firefighters and Paramedics moving in and taking over the volatile and emotionally charged situation, that at times, looks to be totally out of control. The reason why all this is so hard to watch is because over the years I met a lot of really good people in these neighborhoods. most of whom are trapped in this constant cycle of terror. I would like to say these shootings are not representative of the majority that live in most of these neighborhoods, it is a fact that just a handful of people verses the population that are responsible for these shootings and Killings.

Man, Woman Shot in the North Austin Neighborhood

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video: A man and a woman were shot standing on the sidewalk on the 1600 block of Mason in the North Austin neighborhood. A shooter fired at the two from across the street, striking the man in the head and the woman in the foot, the pair then jumped into their SUV and tried to flee the scene only to end up crashing into a parked vehicle at the end of the block. The 22-year-old man was taken to Loyola in serious condition, and the 20-year-old woman was taken to Loyola in stable condition. Area North detectives are investigating. And the shooter is still at large. This shooting was a sign of violence that was to come.

River of Violence in Chicago Consumes All it Touches

I have a message for all the people working directly in the trenches of Chicago’s WAR zone, the unprecedented levels of violence that are being dealt with regularly in this city, are very damaging to the heart the mind and the soul, and as the Blood flows through the neighborhoods of Chicago like a winding a river of sadness, with no end in sight. We must start to think about all the casualties that are physiologically affected by all this violence. it is important that these wounds are addressed in a similar fashion as a gunshot victim would be treated for his or her wounds. it is an individual responsibility all involved must manage, because if left un managed, the river has a way of sudeley over taking you and drowning you in its current of sorrow, changing you and in most cases not for the better, and you won’t even realize it.

Each must create an outlet that allows a form of release if you want to survive the onslaught, I Know this firsthand, because over the past five years I used myself as a test case and documented every change that occurred within me over this period. And there have been many, I Know for a fact we all share nights when we come home and bury our faces in the pillow and try to forget the horror of it all, it is much easier to manage the conscious state of mind, but where the problem lies is, in the subconscious, that always creeps in at night when we are at our most vulnerable, when I started this mission 5 years ago, the faces of gunshot victims started following me home, and 2 years later it became a bus load of faces, and five years later it has now grown into a caravan of busses full of faces, that every so often invade my sleep and infiltrate my dreams.

There are times I wonder why I go back to the Carnage? unfortunately the longer I stay away the harder it gets harder to return to the streets. Each person deals with the never-ending stress brought on by all this madness differently, and it is crucial to be on guard against the effects that these horrific events entail. And it is imperative you Leave all of it in the streets and take time for your selves and spend as much time as you can with family and friends. this clears the circuits of the mind and recharges and reenergizes you, so you can, do it over and over again.

The ones I am really concerned about are the children of these neighborhoods that are swept up in this tsunami of violence and are directly affected by all this madness. I believe they need the most immediate attention. And I Please Don’t Forget about these kids.

I Think the time has come to take my own advice and take time away and do some fishing with my buddy sprite here see ya in a week and please stay safe out there.

When I was a young man and old gangster from 63rd and Racine told me, your gonna learn there’s not a lot of loyalty and understanding throughout one’s life, if you want loyalty and understanding then get a DOG.

Maggio News signing off

Warning Graphic: Bloodbath in Chicago, 74 Shot, 12, Fatally in Weekend Shootings

Warning Graphic: Maggio News, Bloody Chicago. VIDEO: The Bloodiest Weekend of the year took place this weekend. There were multiple mass shootings Sunday morning, six of the shootings injured four or more people in a single attack, totaling 31 victims the worst mass shooting took place in the Gresham neighborhood 8 people were shot in this one incident.

12 human beings were killed including a 17-year-old girl and nearly 62 were wounded in weekend shootings on the bloody streets of Chicago, these numbers are reflective of a war zone. Please Pray for Chicago.

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Ill State Troopers Work to Save Gunshot Victim on the Dan Ryan

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Bloody Chicago, Maggio News Video.
This situation all started when a man was found wounded in the parking lot of Connie’s pizza in the Bridgeport neighborhood, and another was found was found uninjured near the expressway at 31st Street, the man found by Connie’s told police a man was shot and killed somewhere on the Dan Ryan Expressway, soon the call came out over the radio and then police fanned out to find the vehicle and when the Chicago police found the car, a couple of Illinois state troopers were already working the scene.

As I started filming the troopers removing the wounded 25-year-old man from the car they soon realized he was shot in the back of the neck area, the trooper was assisted by a female trooper, they laid the man down on the ash fault and started to administer CPR, this dramatic event went on for over 7 minutes, and the reason for this was, the ambulance was most likely having a hard time reaching the scene due to the traffic bottle neck created by this incident.

I couldn’t help but noticing how hard the troopers were working to save this man, it as though he was one of their own family members, it was unclear at the time how the two other passengers got off the 6 story expressway overpass.

I soon learned they exited from the south bound I55 ramp and then jumped down to field below, it was never made clear what their involvement was in this incident. When the ambulance finally arrived, the paramedics took over and worked on the man for an additional couple of minutes, but then the man died on the scene, and a short time later was covered with a white sheet.

I have a few things to say about what I witnessed on that dark expressway Friday night, people are now seeing just how tragic all this insanity is taking place in Chicago, now we have a man that lost his life, and a now family has to burry their son, and lets not forget about the troopers that sadly lost the battle between life and death,and will have to live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.

People just don’t realize the toll tragedy’s like this take on everybody touched by incidents like this, and people should be grateful for cops like this because one day it could be you or one of your family members in need of serious help like this, and next time the feeling arises to bash cops because some cop makes a mistake or a bad judgment call, think about this video and these two TROOPERS that went above and beyond the call of duty, before you do that.

Maggio News

Maurice Granton CPD Shooting Video, Still Leaves Questions

On May 7th 2018, A 24 year old man was shot by a Chicago cop in the at 47th Street in the city’s Bronzeville neighborhood, 24-year-old Maurice Granton Jr., had been on CPD’s radar. He was spotted on a police POD camera, a cop approached Granton on a narcotics investigation, he got up and ran as he hopped the first fence the officer chasing him injured his foot and fell to the ground moments later one gunshot can be heard – then three gunshots in a row. It’s not clear who fired the shots.

The cop that shot Granton appears to be shooting him as he was trying to scale a fence, no confrontation can be seen when he was shot, but we do not know what transpired before he was shot, CPD claims the cop fired 3 shots, and Granton fired the other shot.

Police also shared a picture of the gun that was recovered from the scene CPD Claims this was the gun Granton was carrying that night.

CPD did release the video but did not release the results from ballistics tests and lab reports on the gun Granton allegedly fired. This is a great example why the public gets pissed, release it all, because if CPD Doesn’t, the public starts to think a cover up is in the making.

People say just because they run doesn’t give cops the right to shot them, I agree, unless, they are running and or pointing or firing a gun in the process, but the other side of the argument is they can’t shoot these guys if they Don’t Run, so why run and take the chance of being shot by a cop.

Take the 18-month hit instead 18 months in the cube on a gun or drug charge is better than being put in a box underground for eternity. What decision would you make? My Dad always told me don’t fight cops or run from them in the streets, if you do you will lose, he said you want to beat the cops, then beat them in a court of Law, you can’t lose your life that way.

What bothers me most about this video is no aid was given to this man after he was shot laying on the ground for at least 4 minutes, one officer walks over and looks down and does nothing to help him. Why???

There is more to this shooting than meets the eye, I guess we have no choice but to wait for the bureaucracy to release the remaining facts, one day.

V Maggio

COPA Video: Austin Police Involved Shooting from May 2018

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released video of a Chicago police shooting Wednesday night.

This shooting took place in the Austin Neighborhood in the 15th District cops were alerted to shots fired detected by ShotSpotter technology in the 5200-block of West Ohio Street shortly before 3 a.m. on May 26 2018.

Most of these police involved shootings start the exact same way, suspects refuse to comply with the first police command of STOP and as usual the command falls on deaf ears and the suspect flees and then what follows next is the suspect ends up being shot while running from police with a gun as in this case. Should police allow the suspect to get away to possibly harm someone or should they stop the suspect by shooting him?

V Maggio

7 Shot, 1 Fatally, in East Garfield Park Mass Shooting

Maggio News Bloody Chicago Video Warning Graphic

People that witnessed this Mass shooting are now left with little doubt, that some Chicago neighborhoods are in a state of constant WAR.

On Saturday at around 9:40pm seven men were hanging out on a park bench in Jefferson Park which is located at 3100 west Fulton in the East Garfield Park Neighborhood, the 4 Shooters came from around the corner and opened fire on the group in the park, all were hit by gunfire as they tried to flee,

a 30 year-old man was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at stroger.

a 22-year-old man shot in the chest and was listed in critical condition.

a 47-year-old man was shot multiple times and is in critical condition.

a 33-year-old was shot in the back multiple times and is in serious condition.

a 31-year-old man shot in the face and is in serious condition.

a 30-year-old man shot in the leg and is in condition is stable.

a 26-year-old man shot in the arm and leg was stabilized. Bodies of gunshot victims were spread out over a one block area from Walnut to Fulton street.

The four gunmen quickly fled after unloading 48 shots at the group then fled west and jumped into a silver car parked on the north side of the street and then drove away west on Fulton, turning north and disappeared on Kedzie ave.

According to people in the Neighborhood there is a war raging between Two street gangs, the Black Souls and the Gangster Disciples they claim this shooting is directly related to this dispute. According to CPD 6 of the seven people shot had gang ties.

6 of the victims were taken by ambulance to Stroger hospital and one man self-transported to mount Sinai hospital.

Mass shootings like this are becoming all too common in the neighborhoods of Chicago, this is the second mass shooting of seven people I have covered over the past 2 years, in 2016, 5 were wounded and two were killed in a mass shooting on Christmas day, on the two men killed were brothers, this incident happened on the 8700 block of south Maryland ave in the Chatham neighborhood. Christmas Day 2016.

Watching the pain and anguish of family members arriving on the scene, makes one wonder Why this carnage continues ?

2 Men Killed, 1 Man Seriously Wounded in Englewood Shooting

Maggio News Bloody Chicago Video Warning Graphic
Three men were shot sitting in a car when a gunman unloaded on the car in what turned out to be a brutal attack. Two of the men, 21-year-old and a 22-year-old suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were taken to University of Chicago Medical Center, where they both later died, the other 28-year-old man was treated for multiple gunshot wounds and was listed in critical condition. The Shooter Or Shooters are still at large.

Warning Graphic: 7 Killed, 38 Wounded in Chicago Shootings, July-20-21-22, 2018

WARNING GRAPHIC: Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video

WARNING GRAPHIC: Maggio News, Bloody Chicago Video

This weekend in Chicago was a very violent one 7 people were killed and 38 others were wounded in shootings across the City

I did a little research on the cities across the country that have similar gun violence stats, did you ever wonder who has been leading most of these cities down this road for over 50 years? I put these cities in order starting with worst.

St Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Memphis, Newark, Chicago, just to name a few.

These cities are the worst of the worst when it comes to shooting and killing its citizens, one party has rained supreme over most of this, democrats, ya I said it, democrats, these leaders all share, the failed liberal progressive ideology, that destroys people’s lives, police departments and their cities.

Please, say a prayer for the seven victims and their families. Vic Maggio

4th of July Weekend in Chicago, 5 Murdered, 24 Wounded in Shootings

Maggio News Bloody Chicago VIDEO: Over the fourth of July weekend 5 Killed and 24 were wounded in shootings across the city but from Wednesday the fourth of July to Sunday 5 were killed and 38 people were shot over the five-day holiday. In 2017 over the same five-day holiday 8 were killed and 52 were wounded by gunfire, there has been a significant decrease from this year to last year, at this point the people of Chicago will take any good news about decreases in gun violence they can get. Maggio News Signing off.

Violent Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago, 54 Shot, 9 Fatally

BLOODY CHICAGO VIDEO: It was a very violent Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago, 54 people were shot, 9 of them fatally. There were also 2 mass shootings, in the first incident 6 people were shot and 1, was killed in the University Village neighborhood, and another 4 people were shot in the little village neighborhood, and 3 more people were shot in the east Garfield park neighborhood. All within a 72-hour period here in Chicago.

Memorial Weekend 8 Dead, 30 Wounded in Chicago Shootings 2018

In 2016, 6 people were killed and 63 were wounded in shootings and in 2017 6 were killed and 44 were wounded and this year 8 were killed and 30 were wounded in gun violence across the city. The number of shootings have slowly gone down over the past 3 years, I guess in some people’s eyes it can be considered success, we can do better, like I said before a stable prosperous economy that works for all is the foundation that will start to slowly diminish these numbers. Over the past four years I have witnessed enough pain and suffering by the families of people shot in Chicago, to last 3 life times.