Bloody Chicago

Memorial Holiday Bloodbath in Chicago 10 Killed, 39 Wounded in Shootings

WARNING GRAPHIC Bloody Chicago Video: This video covers lock-down Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. It was extremely violent 49 shootings with 10 fatalities. this Memorial Day holiday was Chicago’s deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015. The parties raged across Chicago and I was there, and social distancing went right out the window. I also covered the E2 Memorial Day gathering in Grant Park, and it was also was a protest about caking on Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot to reopen the state and the city of Chicago.

Free Online World Premiere of the documentary film, “Chicago at the Crossroad”

We invite you to the free online world premiere of the riveting documentary film, “Chicago at the Crossroad” – which will be streamed for a limited time on demand on the film’s website from May 22nd to May 26th. A Q&A session presented by the Chicago International Film Festival will then be held on Tuesday, May 26th at 7 PM and moderated by media personality Robin Robinson with panelists Brian Schodorf (producer), Pastor Phil Jackson (Firehouse), and Camille Williamson (Adler University) Vic Maggio of Bloody Chicago Produced crime scene footage for this film


Q&A Link: Chicago at the Crossroad Virtual Panel Discussion

Trailer: Most Violent Roadways in Chicago

On May 13th 2020 the history of Chicago’s most violent roadways will be premiering at Patreon this two hour documentary covers the history of Chicago’s 4 most violent roadways, it also covers the parks and gangs that inhabit the neighborhoods that surround these roadways. There is a very violent history and some bad polices and points of history that have negatively effected these communities over the past century, this documentary took years to film and it is a powerful look into the nightmares that are playing out on many south and westside roadways across Chicago, check it may 13th at Patreon

RIP Greg Zanis The Cross Man

On May 5th 2020 unsung hero 69-year-old Greg Zanis passed away from bladder cancer in his home in Aurora Illinois in the early hours Monday. Greg Zanis was a carpenter by trade, and he is the is the founder of Crosses for Losses, he became known as the cross man. He made handmade memorials for 23 years to commemorate victims of mass shootings and natural disasters across the country.

Over his 23-year quest to make a difference Greg has traveled over 800K miles setting up 27,000 handmade crosses for the victims and their families. I lot of people don’t know this, but Greg kept handwritten notebooks full of the 27.000 names of the victims he built memorials for.

I met Greg briefly in 2016 during the crosses march for Chicago’s over 800 homicide victims, he seemed like a nice guy to me but it was the look in his eyes, what he had in his eyes, is what’s missing in many of our fellow human beings today. It was now clear to me that he genially cared and believed in what he was doing.

I would like to extend my condolences to the Zanis Family, Greg Zanis was one of a kind and the world needs more like him Mr Zantis you will be missed by many tens of thousands and now sadly the time has come for you to unite with the people you championed throughout your life.

Rest in Peace Mr Greg Zanis

Vic Maggio

Chicago Lock-Down Revolt Parties Growing Larger

Bloody Chicago: Video: Saturday afternoon the mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot imposed a maximum $5000.00 dollar fine on party planners and if they violate the social distancing order, the city press release read,, the party is over for Now, now we are going to see how this works out for the Mayor. From Friday to Saturday the police radio lit up with party raids instead of the norm shooting after shooting it’s a shame it can’t stay the way it is now a lot of parties. The lock down has turned these neighborhoods into powder kegs waiting to explode the people are frustrated and want their freedom back !!!!!!

Bloody Chicago Renders Medical Aid to Motorcycle Accident Victims on the Dan Ryan

Bloody Chicago Video: There was another shooting on at 67th and Cottage grove, as I was rolling there on the outbound Dan Ryan heading south, I seen a bunch of sparks, cars were swerving, and then people started slamming on the brakes.

As I made my way across the expressway, I could not see something serious had just happened I then could see the people laying on the highway. Parts from the car and the bike were all over the expressway, I want to make clear there was no time to put a mask on madam mayor, so I threw your social distancing and mask mandate out the window.

Then I immediately blocked off the wreck scene with my car and put on my emergency vehicle lights then grabbed my stop the bleeding trauma kit then jumped out and started rendering medical aid the two injured bikers. The female had multiple injuries her back both legs and her head injuries looked serious and by the size of gash in the males head looked bad to but this guy never left his feet he stood tall the whole time during this traumatic situation. I hope that both bikers from the Legion of Honor Motorcycle Club recover. The clot pack Combat Gauze was given to me personally by the ladies at North American Rescue, Thanks Ladies !!!!!!!

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What is Coming for Chicago When Virus Lock-down is Lifted?

This extended statewide lock-down is a violation of our rights and the cost of this, will be total economic devastation and the loss of thousands of business creating mass unemployment, instability, desperation and will leave residents on the ledge looking down, the ultimate result of this shutdown will see a rise in suicides, foreclosures, homelessness, shootings, killings, carjacking’s, armed robberies, and home invasions all of this combined will become our new reality.

Part 4 Ride Along Chicago-Violence 2019

This 4 part series covers the violence in Chicago through the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season of 2019 it also includes unseen footage on my thoughts of the political gangsters Marijuana legalization.

Cops Gangs Guns and Murder on the Bloody Streets of Chicago

Remake: Bloody Chicago Video, WARNING GRAPHIC:: This video was remade and merged with multiple videos to complete the over all view of the violence issue. The city has had a massive amount of gang indictments over the past 4 years, and the shootings and killings by gangs are out of control, it also shows how Chicago cops are fighting the extreme gun violence plaguing the city. The gun violence in Chicago is at an epidemic level and this short film gives a look at just how bad it really is across the city.

Horrific Effects of Gun Violence in Chicago

Remake: Bloody Chicago Video, WARNING GRAPHIC: This video you are about to see has been remade and merged with another video that shows how the effects really effect everyone touched by this violence. This video took me many years of filming shootings in dam near every neighborhood in Chicago. Please remember these people I highlighted in this video next time you see a shooting on the news. This short film says it all, I have no words left to say except HELP me Please share this video everywhere and anywhere you can. It is in fact my way of fighting back for all the Children of Chicago. Thanks
Vic Maggio

Part 5 Vic BLASTS, CPD, who is Bloody Chicago?

THIS VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH BEST ONE OF ALL Vic Maggio of Bloody Chicago lays it all out in this video, bullshit investigation, corruption, inept Cops, unprofessional cops, talking about me some kind a punk ass bitch that got beat down by a bunch of tough guys they were actually a bunch of pussies that punked me from behind with a brick and some cops made them sound like defending hero’s because I was the guy bleeding, and you two DUMB Cops thought it was funny when I was in the ambulance bleeding well now you will be laughed at you cause the jokes on you 3 Bad Cops, its all in the videos about just how wrong you were, because of you I now feel compelled to defend my integrity, my record everything I worked for over a decade to create the respectable position I presently have, you 3 cops tried to take it from me and now I am going to turn the tables on you, will you be respectable next time you take the stand to testify against a suspect all they have to do is show these videos and then they will see what type of cops you are, and out the door goes your credibility and it could already be the case for all know. The 3 of you cops are a disgrace to the badge. SHAME on YOU’s To be fare I put all 4 CPD body-cam videos up uncut in there entirety. Vic Maggio Bloody Chicago, No offense to the good cops doing the job Right !!!!!!!!!

Part 4 Bike Cop 2 Ricobenes Attack

I would like to first start out by thanking all the Chicago Cops, Firemen, Paramedics and all the hospital personal and everyone else working on the front lines during this Chinese Corona Virus pandemic please stay safe and healthy our prayers are with you, god bless all of you. Most of the public just do not realize how important you are to the general public until something like this happens. This cop realized what none of the other cops did he pulled a gun but look at his head. i took the hits because i didn’t want them to get hold of my gun, and i didnt want to pull my gun with so many civilians and children out with their parents on fathers day. who better then me knows about gun violence and what a gun in the wrong hands can do. never was i given credit by any of the CPD cops for being a responsible concealed carry holder. in this situation i did everything i could not to pull my gun and ya see what happened because i didn’t