Bloody Chicago

Story of 13-Year-old, Adam Toledo, Shot, Killed by Chicago Cop

Give this video wings and spread it far and wide, I gave it my all I have not slept in 3 days.

Bloody Chicago Video: Most of you know how I feel about the deaths of Kids it is a hard subject that I must force myself to watch and then write stories like this, my overall premise is to bring some humanity and truth to this and other Horrific incidents, just like this one. The Adam Toledo story is tragic because he was destroyed by adults and his story is far too common amongst some kids today and this happens on many different violent and abusive levels, what the hell are we doing to these kids today. Along time ago hands off the kids was the creed that our society and parents lived and died bye, but today its different, and this must change because if it does not the future will not look very bright.

Justice for Murdered Grandson of Congressman Danny Davis

In 2016 the grandson of U.S Congressman Danny Davis,,, 15-year-old Javon Wilson was shot and killed for a pair of Nike gym shoes, in the Englewood neighborhood. Harris and Banks were convicted of first-degree murder in 2019 and Today Justice was served the shooter Tariq Harris was sentenced to 30 years plus an additional 6…

Transcribed: Railroaded by Bad Chicago Cops in 9th District

In my 12 years in the streets 5 years covering riots and radical groups and 7 years on the Bloody streets of Chicago I have never seen lazier cops do the most bias incompetent investigation and was clearly a railroad job. This could be you one day beware of bad cops.

These bodycam videos were transcribed by me ,I had to fight to get them from CPD look at how they blurred everything and everyone in them WHY? Compare the police report to what took place in this incident and you be the judge, police misconduct like this takes place every day here in Chicago. Paper Cop Willam Shejbal Badge# 2861 never interviewed me nor did bike cop both were running the investigation, but bike cop 2 briefly listened to me for a whole 33 seconds in the very beginning and my mistake was handing this cop my media credentials. Bad Chicago Cop Willam Shejbal ignored the head cashiers’ statement, that was working the register in the front she seen it all the most important word out of her mouth was Honestly, everyone honestly seen the one group of guys started with the other guy. Never did Bad Chicago Cop Willam Shejbal follow up with her with an interview statement he ignored and brushed off her statement and many other witnesses’ statements. While in the ambulance one cop threatened me with a gun charge if I pressed charges on the 5 thugs and there is much more. This is uncut unedited original footage from CPD through a FOIA freedom of information ACT. Watch what this punk cop does and says, this cop is as unprofessional as it gets. This cop was just on the scene he had nothing to do with the investigation he was OK as far as I know he did nothing wrong the footage exposes a lot listen to what is said. This cop was cop Willam Shejbals trainee that just hung around and watched. I was left with multiple permanent injuries due to this aggravated assault or it could be viewed as attempted murder he hit me over the head with a brick or a chunk of concrete and then tried to take my gun, this cop let this criminal walk free, and he will most likely do this to someone else in the future. Now I it is over and no one was ever held accountable including the business Ricobenes it happened in they failed to protect their patrons from five drunks that were starting trouble for over 15 minutes .

Unedited: BC Railroaded by Bad Chicago Cops in 9th District

These are unedited bodycam videos we had to fight to get from CPD look at how they blurred everything and everyone in them WHY? Compare the police report to what took place in this incident and you be the judge, police misconduct like this takes place a lot in Chicago. If you did not notice none of these cops cared what me or Maggie had to say and neither investigating cops took our statements or the statements of witnesses the criminals were the witnesses and they took 5 drunks and his little sisters statements and listed her as a witness even when she lied and said she wasn’t out there and there is that manger that changed her story, many things were purposely ignored by these cops. In my 12 years in the streets 5 years covering riots and radical groups and 7 years on the Bloody streets of Chicago I have never seen lazier cops do the most bias incompetent investigation and was clearly a railroad job. This could be you one day beware of bad cops.

Part: 2 Bloody Chicago, 792 Murdered, 4,174 Shot in 2020

Part 1 Warning Graphic Bloody Chicago Video: This video covers a brief history on polices that negatively affected some of the communities here in Chicago it also covers cops, fireman, paramedics deaths due to COVID-19 and the kids shot and killed this year, then there are the teachers that wont go back to the class room, this also covers the most controversial police involved shooting death of the year, and much, much more.

Video: 280 Homicides Over Violent Summer in Chicago 2020

Bloody Chicago Video: This video documents the deaths of 280 men women and children over the 94 days of summer here in Chicago, I displayed every homicide victims name in this video in an attempt to bring humanity to the inhumanity that took place this summer.

Going into the summer of 2020 the clouds of extreme violence rolled into Chicago, the city was on virus lock down and total chaos reigned supreme due to the George Floyd riots …. business owners had to dig out from not one, but two riots, and society was on the ledge looking down and all of this set the stage for the perfect storm that rampaged through Chicago like a F5 tornado, when summer arrived, Cops, Paramedics, Fireman, were already over worked and exhausted from the riots the shootings and killings that never seem to end,, and the mayor had her sights set on Social distancing and mask violators as mass lockdown protest parties raged on all over the city.

The madness accelerated seeing 58 minors shot during the month of July and there were multiple mass shootings across the city and July turned out to be the deadliest Month in Chicago history. Domestic violence and suicides surged and 5 children under the age of ten were shot and killed Over 150 cops were injured during the riots and some were shot over the summer months, but cops kept at it and took more than 3,000 guns off the streets all of this and much more took place over the 94 days of summer on the Bloody Streets of Chicago.

Sports Teams, Athletes Hurting Low Income Communities in Chicago

The Kneeling the black lives matter endorsement Anti-Cop position and politics is killing sports in America. The people that work all the sports venues in Chicago are being directly affected by these activist owners and players ignorance toward the fan base and the people that work and depend on these jobs to survive in this case the Goliath is beating down David.

R.I.P Rappers Gunned Down on the Bloody Streets of Chicago

Bloody Chicago Video: This video covers some of the shootings and deaths of rappers on the Bloody Streets of Chicago. Being a Rapper in Chicago in some cases can be a dangerous occupation even more dangerous than a gang leader. Big Glow, FBG Duck, Doski tha Man, Tray Savage, Vantrease Criss, FBG Wooski, Thugga, FBG-Brick, all these young men were gunned down across Chicago over the past decade. R.I.P guys.

First 2 Weeks of August 20 Killed, 126 Wounded in Chicago Shootings

Bloody Chicago Video: This video covers the history of rappers that are shot and sometimes killed on the Bloody Streets of Chicago.

So far this year there have been 3 People Killed and 6 Wounded in Police Involved Shootings in Chicago. and this is tragic but what’s more tragic are these numbers you are about to see from January till the second week of august 2020, 433 people have been shot and killed and 2042 have been shot and wounded and the total shot is 2475 and the total homicides are 474 have been wounded and ya see this number is the real tragedy taking place in Chicago.

As of August 15th, 159 were shot 159 People have been Shot and 23 human beings were shot and Killed and 136 were wounded in the first half of the month, and we still have two more weeks to go.

Chicago’s Graffiti Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Bloody Chicago Video: Never in my 6 years on the streets have i seen so much graffiti across the city, it looks like the gangs are in charge in the city not Mayor Lori Lightfoot. This video shows how much graffiti there is on just one of the 5 major expressways, the Eisenhower expressway.

July 2020 Deadliest Month in Chicago History

Bloody Chicago Video: July was a Horrific month for the children of Chicago and tough month for the Cops and first responders according to crime stats July was the deadliest month in Chicago history. I also address bad raids by cops.

Chicago Descends into Anarchy, Rioting, Looting and Shooting August 9th 2020

Bloody Chicago Video: What you are about to see in this video is the best I have to offer being a citizen journalist for over a decade, I risk it all to bring the truth and reality to you my viewers.
After 6 years on foot documenting the extreme violence in Chicago I have earned the right to say what matters, family matters, the kids matter, our city and country matter, and to me all lives matter including cops.
V Maggio

Turning Point USA Founder Bill Montgomery Passed Away Today RIP My Friend

Maggio News VIDEO: I am sorry to report Turning Point USA Founder and Director Bill Montgomery passed away at age 80 on July 28th 2020 from complications from Covid 19. Bill was a unique personality to say the least, throughout his life he was involved in Publishing, the restaurant Business, he was a business development consultant and many other things, in late 2012 I meet Bill outside a theater and I interviewed him and he wanted Charlie Kirk to meet me and he went and got him, and this was the start of our 7 and a half year journey that ended today. in 2012 Charlie and Bill founded Turning point USA, I watched Bill and Charlie build TPUSA into the massive organization it is today.

Bill was a friend a mentor and sometimes a tough adversary on the issues of the day, I will miss Bill he taught me a lot of things about people of all stripes and life in general, he knew how to motivate and create he was a builder and a hustler and that is what we had in common, he was a street kid from Peoria and I was a street kid from Chicago and that was what created the bond we had. Rest in Peace my friend, see ya soon
Vic Maggio

Another Violent Weekend, 13 Killed, 51 Wounded in Chicago Shootings

WARNING GRAPHIC, Bloody Chicago Video: This weekend in Chicago 13 people were shot and killed and 51 others were wounded, 6 teens were among the shooting victims Fifteen-year-old Terrance Malden, was the first teen shot killed, this happened in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood and Five other teenagers were wounded in separate shootings over the weekend. There were 4 other shootings that I covered but did not publish them there were just too many.

Standing by and watching all of this extreme violence on a regular basis is getting harder and harder to watch all this very sad and depressing loss of life is creating more broken people and families , I sometimes wonder how much longer I want to be a witness to this, deep in my heart I am deeply committed because destiny dictates it.

Maggio News signing off