Buffalo Grove Home Invasion suspect is felon awaiting trial in cop-knifing


The man accused of breaking into a Buffalo Grove home and stabbing multiple people and a dog is a convicted felon awaiting trial in Wisconsin on charges that he slashed a police officer in the face, according to authorities and court records.

Jacob William Beeman, 29, who lives with his grandparents in the tiny central Wisconsin town of Arkdale, was taken into custody early Wednesday at a gas station in Wheeling, where he was found with blood on his neck, arms and clothes and was carrying black gloves, two bandannas and a bloody hunting knife in his boot, authorities said.

Beeman appeared in Cook County court Friday in shackles, jeans and a “Remember 9/11” T-shirt and was given a $2 million cash bond. Authorities said he kicked in an air-conditioner and then the front door to gain entrance to house on St. Marys Parkway just after midnight Wednesday, stabbing three people multiple times each and a dog and then fleeing when one of the victims fired a semi-automatic weapon at him.

Earlier reports said there were four people stabbed in the house. Authorities only referenced three stabbing victims during Friday’s court hearing in Rolling Meadows — a 46-year-old man, his 19-year-old son and 16-year-old girl — but said two other people were present in the home during the attack.

“But for the fact that the victim obtained the gun, this could have been a triple homicide,” Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Maria McCarthy said. “Firing that shot is the only thing that made that defendant leave that house.”

According to the criminal complaint against Beeman read in court, he and another man were seen lurking outside the home just before Beeman leaned into a bedroom window — startling the two younger victims, who were playing video games — before entering through the front door.

Beeman then stabbed the dog, a German shepherd named Piston, and tussled with the older man, stabbing him, while the man’s son tried to stop the attack with an air gun, but it failed to fire, the complaint said. Beeman then followed the son back into a bedroom, where he stabbed the son and the girl, officials said. The two other people present had locked themselves in another bedroom and fled through the window.

The older male victim was stabbed in the chest, arms, legs and hands, officials said. He remained hospitalized in serious condition Thursday but was expected to recover. The dog is also expected to survive.

His son was stabbed in the arm, severing a tendon and exposing a bone; he was treated and released. The girl suffered a severed tendon in her hand; she was also released from the hospital but has undergone surgery since for her wounds, officials said in court.

After fleeing the home, Beeman walked to another house a few blocks away, asked the resident for a ride and was driven to the home of a friend, authorities said. But the friend’s uncle saw Beeman behind the house and called police, prompting Beeman to flee to the gas station, where he asked for a ride to Milwaukee and to use the phone, according to officials’ account. The gas station attendant called police, they said.

Authorities said Beeman told police that he targeted the house because he was told by another man that there were drugs, money and weapons there, but that he “was in a rage and didn’t remember stabbing anyone.” Authorities believe a second man was present outside but did not enter the house. Authorities said no drugs were found in the home.

In Adams County, Wis., where Beeman lives, he is awaiting trial on multiple charges, including battery to a police officer, after he was accused in April 2015 of slashing an officer’s face with a knife while police served a search warrant related to an earlier report that Beeman had placed a knife on a woman’s throat, according to court records and authorities.

Beeman was imprisoned in 2008 on convictions including reckless endangerment, criminal damage to property, obstructing a police officer and bail jumping, according to court records. In court Friday, officials said Beeman was released from prison in 2010, but his court supervision was twice revoked and he returned to prison two more times, being released again in May.

His current charges in the Buffalo Grove allegations include attempted first-degree murder, home invasion and aggravated animal cruelty.

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