Bloody Chicago Renders Medical Aid to Motorcycle Accident Victims on the Dan Ryan

Bloody Chicago Video: There was another shooting on at 67th and Cottage grove, as I was rolling there on the outbound Dan Ryan heading south, I seen a bunch of sparks, cars were swerving, and then people started slamming on the brakes.

As I made my way across the expressway, I could not see something serious had just happened I then could see the people laying on the highway. Parts from the car and the bike were all over the expressway, I want to make clear there was no time to put a mask on madam mayor, so I threw your social distancing and mask mandate out the window.

Then I immediately blocked off the wreck scene with my car and put on my emergency vehicle lights then grabbed my stop the bleeding trauma kit then jumped out and started rendering medical aid the two injured bikers. The female had multiple injuries her back both legs and her head injuries looked serious and by the size of gash in the males head looked bad to but this guy never left his feet he stood tall the whole time during this traumatic situation. I hope that both bikers from the Legion of Honor Motorcycle Club recover. The clot pack Combat Gauze was given to me personally by the ladies at North American Rescue, Thanks Ladies !!!!!!!

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