Bloody Chicago Profile

My name is Vic Maggio I am a citizen journalist here in Chicago, Bloody Chicago rolls through the neighborhoods of Chicago documenting the violence in a way no other MEDIA outlet are. About five years ago I set out on a mission to show just how horrific the gun violence in Chicago really is, exposing the history is key to understanding the problem, because without this understanding, the problems cannot be fixed or slowed down.

In 2010 I created, and in 2013 the YouTube Channel BLOODY CHICAGO followed, over the years I have roamed the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago, covering the carnage taking place on the streets. I have been caught in the crossfire three times, the dangers in doing this job are many, to say the least. Nobody covers the violence in Chicago quite like I do, I don’t hold back, I call it, as I see it, most say I am out spoken, a cop once told me there is nothing more dangerous in Chicago then having an opinion like yours, that goes against the status quo. I am for gun rights and I fully support the second amendment, the problem here in Chicago is, criminals have guns that shouldn’t

Over the years I have made hundreds of videos and two documentaries, the Top Ten Most Violent neighborhoods and in the Line of Duty these can be found at YouTube Channel BLOODY CHICAGO and I also do a podcast periodically on whats going on in Chicago.

I have over 46,000 subscribers and nearly 8 million views. When I am in the streets and post one shooting on Facebook that one post generates as much as 300,000 views and in a single weekend over half a million views. The people that live in these high crime neighborhoods are starting to listen to what I have to say about all this madness. A mainstream media personality here in Chicago told me “I would never get the people of these neighborhoods to follow or listen to me,” because I am the wrong COLOR”, I feel I have recently proved her wrong, that’s for sure.

In 2015 I purchased a used squad car outfitted it with a computer, radios, cameras in every window and cameras, audio equipment, the equipment list for this type of work is endless. There are so many things that cost a lot of money, gas, maintenance and repairs and many other things that go into the job.

Over this five-year period, I have invested tens of thousands of dollars of my own money to make Bloody Chicago a viable force.

The national attention of my work has begun, my footage has become my voice, last year I was called to appear on the Laura Ingram town hall about the violence here in Chicago, and this year two films about the violence in Chicago have been made featuring my footage the first is Chicago at the Crossroads, and the second is the Derrick Rose Story “POOH”, and a couple of magazine articles have been written about Maggio News/ Bloody Chicago.

I started doing this for a multitude of reasons, but five years later I never expected to still be out in the streets , but after getting to know the people and the kids in these neighborhoods, kept me going back. my mission is to show the horror of it all, in hopes that people will stand up and demand something more be done to save the young kids from gangs, drugs and possibly a very early DEATH.

If you watch the Halloween and Christmas videos, you will understand why I care so much about the kids. The truth is the people in Chicago have no choice which equals no voice for most in these high crime neighborhoods, I am gradually becoming the voice of the disenfranchised in Chicago.

I would like to introduce you to Sprite, he is the Maggio News /Bloody Chicago mascot, Sprite also appears in my videos periodically. When I come home after a long night of witnessing men and women’s inhumanity to other men women and children, my guy Sprite is waiting at the door to console me, out of all the dogs I had over the years Sprite has the finest instincts on the human condition. I don’t know what I would do without him.