Baby of Mother Shot and Killed in Chicago Taken Off Life Support

A baby that was given the name ‘Miracle’ when she was delivered early after her mother was shot and killed was taken off life support Thursday.

Her family made the decision because they no longer wanted to see the girl suffer.

“It’s like she’s fighting for her life. I’m not going to let her suffer no more. I already lost my daughter!” said Grandmother Crystal Jones.

The grandmother of the baby named Miracle was mired in anguish after deciding to terminate life support for the five and half month old girl. The baby’s pregnant mother, 19-year-old Parasha Beard was shot and killed last September in a double murder on South Marquette Avenue. Doctors managed to save her baby, which was delivered three months premature and was named Miracle. But a recent bout with pneumonia, and numerous other complications, left the baby struggling and the family felt it was time.

“Today is a day she’s going home, where she’s better off, she’s not suffering, she’s not doing any of that no more!” Jones said.

“It’s been a long six months. What was once a miracle is no longer a miracle, but remembrance,” said family friend Peter Keller. Continue Reading

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