AG Sessions Orders Review of Obama Era Reforms Targeting CPD

The Chicago Police Department plans to forward with reforms, even after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions took aim at an agreement reached under the Obama administration.

A memo from Sessions said it is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.

The problem is, Chicago police have been waiting for federal guidance in the form of a “consent decree,” after a U.S. Department of Justice investigation found several problems within the CPD.

So the memo could mean a consent decree may potentially never happen.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson responded to the memo late Monday night. They said the announcement would not alter their own plans, which were outlined several weeks ago, for reform in Chicago.

From 2015 to early 2017 the police department was subject to a DOJ investigation that found officers acted unconstitutionally and with a “pattern and practice of excessive force.”

The death of Laquan McDonald, a black teen who was shot 16 times by a white police officer, was one example of that excessive force.

In the memo, Sessions also noted the misdeeds of individuals should not undermine the honorable work that law enforcement officers perform to keep Americans safe.

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