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Maggionews.com. was born when Destiny called in 2010 when I attended the Right Nation Conference (Photo on Right) in Schaumburg Illinois. I had the opportunity to meet Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, John Fund, and Andrew Breitbart. As I walked up to the event there were approximately 100 protesters from SEIU protesting the Glenn Beck event.




Standing in front of this group was Andrew Breitbart, so I walked up and stood directly to the right of Andrew, to listen to what he had to say to the protesters, his question to one man in particular was.. what does that sign mean?


The gentlemen had to stop and look at his sign, he did not know what the hell was on the sign, finally the man replied, Glenn Beck lies, and Andrew said, tell me one thing Glenn Beck lied about. The man’s frustration by this point was clear, he could not answer the question Breitbart asked, then name-calling and the swearing started, then Andrew persisted to ask more questions in the face of more extreme hostility.


This event is what changed it all for me, Breitbart proved to me right then and there that these where shipped in SEIU phony protesters. This man’s fearlessness and total disregard for his own safety, cemented my respect, and admiration, this single event put me on the road I’ve traveled for the past three years.


Citizen journalism is the path I’ve chosen because of people like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck and Jeremy Segal; people like this pried my eyes open to the agenda of the left in this country and its dangers to our society at large. This agenda must be exposed at any and all costs, “And we are here to do just that.”!


The mainstream media refuses to do this job, so I and many others like me, have decided to do it “for them.” Maggio news has covered many events such as NATO, the DNC, RNC Conventions and Occupy Wall Street protests and the Chicago Teachers Strike and even a Terrorist Conference.


The first big story came on Sunday June 16th 2012, I was called by the editor of rebel pundit/ Jeremy Segal and was asked by him to cover the Illinois Khilafah Conference 2012 “Capitalism is to Blame” what is unique about this story is there are terrorists recruiting right here in our own back yard. To my surprise, I found myself being the only American reporter at the conference along with two other foreign reporters this should strike fear in the hearts of every American,”it did me”. On this day I published my first national article and interview with the key note speaker, Dr. Mohammed Malkawi aka Abu Talha, Hizb’s Deputy Spokesperson.


Maggionews also covered a shocking anti-Israel protest with 150 Members of an extreme group of Palestinian radicals and Members of Hizb ut Tarhir (HTA) gathered at the Daley Center in Chicago to find as their key note speaker to be Rabbi Moses Brown the anti-Zionist who gave a shocking speech, rallying those in the audience against his own countrymen, whom he called Zionists, and claiming that the Palestinian suffering compares to the Jewish deaths in the Holocaust.


I was even involved in a Black Block Action during NATO in 2012, where I captured the action on camera.


What i really like is exposing the hypocrisy of the left, on video in their own words, that is what makes it all worthwhile. The narrative must be wrestled away from the leftists in this country

Maggio News covered all the tragic and terrifying events from the front lines in Ferguson Missouri







This video of a young lady trying to protect Papa John’s pizza place went viral the VIDEO started at The Gateway Pundit then went to the DRUDGE REPORT then the world took notice.












The Town of Ferguson Missouri has a long road a head getting back to sanity. For a week in November Ferguson was a very dangerous place indeed.


Maggio News Photo and video records of FERGUSON can be found HERE



Maggionews does this out of patriotism and concern for our country’s future, but above all, I do this for my two grandchildren, my nieces and nephews, and all the children who are presently having their futures destroyed, by these live for today parasite politicians in Washington spending these kids future earnings, and future freedom through Restrictive Tyrannical Legislation sealing the fate of their Future Freedom. This is why I will continue to go wherever the fight to expose these people takes us, and will continue on this trajectory until the last breath leaves my body.


The Revolution is Under Way but we are Missing our General in the Fight that is Now Exploding all over our Country.”We are far from Victory”, “But Inspired We Are”


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