65 Child Sex Offenders live in Shelter on Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage Route


CHICAGO (CBS) — Questions tonight about two Chicago Public School safe passage routes and whether children are being put in harm’s way. CBS 2′s Dave Savini investigates routes having children walk right by shelters with sex offenders.

On the outside, an old church building appears safe. Children walk by it to go along a safe passage route to school. But this church is also a shelter for child sex offenders. Predators targeting the youngest of victims which worries parents like Lisa Jones.

“I didn’t know that the sex offenders were there,” said Jones whose eight-year-old daughter walks by this building, at 200 S. Sacramento, to go to school. I just thought that was just a shelter for the homeless and, wow, I did not know that.”

CBS 2 found 65 child sex offenders registered at this shelter, yet Chicago Public School officials decided to start safe passage route on the same street. Continue Reading

Article Org: chicagocbslocal.com

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