2nd Women Found Dead in The Lawndale Neighborhood, Serial Killer at Large?

(Fox) A body was found in a garage Thursday night just a short distance from where a young woman disappeared nearly two weeks ago on the West Side.

This all comes amid growing concerns over other missing persons’ cases in the area.

There is no word from investigators on whether the body found is the woman who’s been missing for a week and a half. The body was found in an abandoned garage near 18th and South Central Park, which is two blocks away from where 26-year-old Shantieya Smith went missing.

Smith was last seen outside her home near 16th and South Central Park. Her disappearance comes as three other women went missing — one returned home, one woman is still missing and a 15-year-old girl was found dead last month.

All went missing in a two-and-a-half-mile area in the Lawndale neighborhood.

Family members of Smith were on scene Thursday night after learning about the body found. They said the body was found under a car in the garage and the fire department had to cut the door off to get in.

Police say they are investigating all the cases, but they are not commenting if they are connected.

We are waiting on the Cook County Medical Examiner to officially identify the body found in the garage.

Article Org: fox32chicago.com

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