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Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago

Over 100 protesters were arrested at a school closures protest in Chicago on 3/27/2013, some were parents, most were CTU and SEIU union members, the protesters went along peacefully and CPD handled the arrests in a kid gloves type of professional manor.

Jessie Jackson has the Solution to the Chicago School Closures

Jessie Jackson spoke at the school closing protest in Chicago on March 27th 2013, he claims the solution to the Chicago School Closures is comprehensive urban policy now, open the schools close the jails, open the schools close the jails, now what could possibly go wrong with this plan. By the way how will closing the jails and releasing thousands of criminals help the children Mr. Jackson?

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis Jokes about lying to parents, turning students into ‘hostages’

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis showed her humorous side at the New York Collective of Radical Educators annual conference, laughing about her teaching days, when she would lie to parents about their child’s performance. She then said – because of her lies – the student became her “hostage” who would do what she wanted. She went on to admit that “our government education system so dysfunctional,because parents often don’t get the truth and administrators and teachers are constantly fighting each other.

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GOP Leadership Concedes to the Liberal Narrative on Republican Parties Loosing Identity

Hey Rinse we all know what has went wrong with the Republican Party, the leadership and that rinse means you!!!!!!! And also past strokes like Michael (the lib media superman) Steele are great examples why the party presently SUCKS. Rinse you are weak and making the party weaker by the day.

Once again Rinse you blame it on everything except yourself after all you where the Chairman during the 2012 elections Right., Rinse what ever happened to personal responsibility, Rinse you sound like the head of the democrat party trying to deny your dismal record as head of the GOP. Rinse embrace conservatism like it is a young woman, this is the only way to win period, bowing down to the liberal narrative will end the GOP when the tea part devours it and Kicks your moderate pussy asses out of the party. GOT IT NOW RINSE.

When will conservatives learn there is no dealing with moderates and liberals, Conservatives should never negotiate with WRONG never ever on any level.

Meet the Delusional Features NY Mayor Bloomberg Displaying Marxist Speak

This is the question David Gregory failed to ask in his interview with NY Mayor Nanny Bloomterd, why are 90% of the students graduating from NY high schools are unable to read, this should be your main responsibility as mayor, Mr.Mayor you should concentrate on educating the population instead of banning the absurd through your version of a healthier society, is a dumber population more important than a healthier one and which one should your focus be on Mr. Mayor? This man continues to contradict himself on his continued infringement on the freedoms and rights of the citizens of NY.

Obama and Press Secretary Carney Coordinate the Facts on White House Tour Cancelations

The Blame game continues Obama himself cut the White House tours for these kids to make it as painful as possible in order to prove himself right about the pain it would inflict. Obama was the soul architect of the sequester cuts and yet he turns around and blames the secret service for the tour cancellations, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos this morning. I fear the enemies of our nation also see the daily confusion and ignorance of the Obama administration that we see. Makes one wonder what our future holds under this laurel and hardy government we now have in the seats of power and control over all of our futures, Scary isn’t it.

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