12 Chicago SWAT Team Members Suspended

A dozen Chicago SWAT officers have been suspended for a critical mistake during a barricade situation.

It was a volatile situation that unfolded on Chicago’s Southeast Side December 1st. The Commander of the 4th District, Noel Sanchez, was working in the 8800 block of South Sanginaw when his unmarked police car was shot at and the suspects had run into a nearby home.

A barricade situation ensued and the SWAT team was called out to secure the situation and try to talk the offenders into surrendering.

For five hours tensions ran high, but finally police were able to end the situation peacefully and take several people into custody.

SWAT officers then went through the home to make sure there was no one else inside and then left after determining the situation and the home was all clear.

The problem was they did not search the home thoroughly enough. Police told FOX 32 that there were actually two people still hiding in a crawl space inside the home. They were discovered when police officers from the 4th District went into the home after SWAT left. Continue Reading

Article Org: fox32chicago.com

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